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Is a Prenuptial Agreement Necessary?

Getting married is supposed to be one of the happiest times in your life. You've met someone who you're madly in love with and are excited at the prospect of spending the rest of your life with them. Even so, there is that practical part of you in the back of your head that has certain worries. Sometimes when these thoughts present themselves, they start to scare you, making you wonder whether you're questioning the whole idea of marriage.

Is a Prenuptial Agreement Necessary?

It's important to understand that it's normal to have a bit of trepidation. You aren't a terrible person or even weird in any way for having these types of concerns. It also doesn't mean you don't love your partner. You just have a rational side to your personality that needs to be satisfied in order to feel at ease.

What is it that brings about this fear? Usually, it is related to finances. Before getting engaged to your partner, you built up a whole life for yourself. It took you years to get to where you are now, and marriage does add some complications to certain aspects of your finances.

If you were already a homeowner before deciding to get married, or if you have financial investments that are important to you, you may be afraid of losing them if a divorce were to happen somewhere down the line. You might even feel guilty for thinking these thoughts, especially since you love your partner and want everything to work out perfectly. In these situations, proposing the idea of a prenuptial agreement may work well.

How to Bring Up a Prenuptial Agreement

It can be a touchy subject to bring up something like a prenuptial agreement. You don't want to offend your partner, making them feel like you believe they're after your money. You also want assurances though, so bringing it up as softly as possible is definitely recommended.

A good recommendation is to only put assets in the prenuptial agreement that are important to you. Things like your house, stock holdings, and the ownership of certain pets you had before getting engaged. There is no easy solution to this issue, but you can do your best to show your partner love and care. It's up to you personally to impress on them that this isn't meant as a slight against them in any way.

Finding a Lawyer

You'll need a lawyer to write up the agreement. You can find excellent family lawyers to provide this service, and they'll be able to walk you through the process. Luckily, they will have done this sort of agreement many times in the past. Having legal help that can help you navigate this delicate situation is very important.

Expert advice is one of the best resources you can have when you need to get a prenuptial agreement written up. Your lawyers will be available to give you counsel on how you should go about things. Everything from what you want in the agreement to things that should be excluded will be discussed thoroughly. Explaining the whole legal process behind it will keep you informed and allow you to feel like you have a grasp of what's being done to address your concerns.

They understand that this type of agreement is important to you, but also that your partner is equally as important. It can be a fine craft to make a document that protects what you're worried about while also making sure not to offend your soon-to-be spouse. The very best lawyer for the job will be able to deftly guide you through this time, and you should feel relieved at the end of the process.

Feel Relief

Once everything has been handled with the prenuptial agreement, you can begin to rest easy. You should be able to enjoy your wedding and feel excited about the prospect of spending your life with your partner. Plan out your honeymoon together, make a list of things you want to accomplish as a couple, and cherish the time you have together. It may have felt awkward bringing up the prenuptial agreement, but at least having talented lawyers help you through that time made it easier.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.