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Investment Research: Nature and Scope

Investment Research

Investment is an action one takes to result in a positive result; for example, a stock price rises after your initial purchase (investment) and thus at that point, the stock you now own is worth more than when you initially purchased it at a lower price. The idea here is to result in consistent and maximized profits in your investments based on your economies of scale.

Investment research is crucial to succeed with positive return on your investing in stocks. Whether a novice or experienced professional, there are tools one uses to properly analyze market conditions to optimize your decisions in stock investing.

Stock charts are the premier tool of choice when making these financial decisions. The company supplying such a unique product of their own creation is “Securities Research Company”. Their stock charts produced for you make your decisions faster, easier to comprehend and contain proven methods of analysis to invest wisely. After all, “Securities Research Company” has been around since 1933 with a proven track record of success for its clients. At a glance, the charts immediately show the following:

  • Stock prices
  • Adjusted earnings
  • Dividends
  • Stock splits
  • Corporate actions
  • Historical growth rates

Investment research is taught to you in the form of a written guide supplied by “Securities Research Company” on how to use and read their unique stock charts. The charts supply a visual representation of data that occurs with prospective companies you wish to research for potential investment. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so true in this case. With the organization of data like volume of trading, stock prices and other factors, patterns are developed in the charts which guide you to smart investment decisions. It is here where one learns to pick out and analyze these patterns for positive investment decisions

You do not have to be a technician to efficiently use these stock charts. One must spend some time learning the characteristics of these charts. Ongoing user experience will give you the edge needed for smart financial decisions. Features of these unique stock charts are as follows:

  • Semi-logarithmic data are used rather than the inferior arithmetic data changes of stock prices
  • Chart basic features include: Relative Performance, Moving Average, Earnings, Dividends, Stock Splits, Corporate Actions, Growth Rates, Volume and Capitalization
  • The short-term views: daily charts and 21-month charts
  • The medium-term view: 12-year charts
  • Sectors, Industries and Companies
  • Growth Stocks
  • Cyclical Stocks
  • Income (dividend) Stocks
  • Recessive Stocks
  • Stock data over time: data illustrated from 21 months to 12 years to 25-year changes
  • Finding the perfect stocks: from Growth Stocks to Value Stocks or Income Stocks
  • Fundamental and technical analysis

There are actually more features in these financial historical charts. The client reviews, for those who use these stock charts, is exemplary as “Securities Research Company” is a best bet for maximizing your technique and knowledge involving stock investment analysis.

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