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Interesting Facts About Online Casino Software

Online casinos like, have transformed the world of gambling, making it far more convenient and accessible to a wider audience. Despite the odds being the same for traditional games, Singapore online casino have their own range of rules and regulations, as well as being able to offer a number of deals and promotions to attract players. Here, we take a look at some interesting facts relating to online casinos, some of which may even convince you to give one a whirl yourself.

The gaming industry is a very competitive market that offers high end graphics and a wide variety of different games. Players will surely find anything they want from the hundreds that exist. The below list will provide you with some of the best high-quality casino software providers around.

1. Evolution Gaming

Since 2006, this company has been the leading provider for live casinos. Their main aim is to tailor excellent user experience through their devices. Due to their high quality, you will be able to find this casino vendor at most casino sites.

2. Nektan

This global iGaming platform provider makes sure to provide a fun and lucrative gaming experience for all casino players. Established in 2014, this brand powers many successful casinos. Find out more information at

3. Microgaming

With more than 25 years of experience within the industry, Microgaming is well-known for providing a user-friendly interface and innovative design. This company released a number of slot games around popular movies and games including Jurassic World and Terminator.


Online casino software providers have opened up a new branch of gambling which is directed purely at women, thanks to the various digital marketing techniques that are available to them. However, statistics show that 84% of online casino users are men, which continues the already existing trend of predominantly male gamblers. Slot games are a popular choice in both online and bricks and mortar casinos, however, nowadays 90% of all slots players choose to play online, due to the convenient and fast nature of the game.

33% of online gamblers class themselves as professionals, which is an important reliable source of income for casino owners. Lastly, online casinos are more versatile and can, therefore, include more games in their repertoire. One of which is lottery games, which are one of the most popular in the world, in fact, 55% of the world’s population take part in lotteries!


Just because you can’t see the chips you’re playing with online, doesn’t mean that they have any less value than their physical counterparts. In fact, some of the largest jackpots won in the history of gambling have come from online casinos. The biggest so far was £13,209,300, after a measly initial bet of 25 cents, and aptly reflects the name of the site from which it was won; Mega Moolah.

One of the major disadvantages of gambling online is that you can become victim to technical issues, and amazingly, the law supports online casinos in cases like these. For example, in the case of Bruno Venturi who managed to turn $18 into $600,000, a technical glitch on the website meant that the casino didn’t have to payout. Venturi took the case to court and lost.

Casino History

The very first online casino was launched in 1996 in Antigua and was named ‘InterCasino’. The site boasted a total of eighteen games for players to choose from. Another example of the versatility of online casinos is that with some, you can simply play for the sake of playing if you enjoy the games; you don’t have to bet any money as long as you’re happy to not win any.

Online gambling is not legal everywhere, so make sure you check your country and state laws before signing into a site. Although it is legal throughout the United Kingdom, it is only legal in four American states for example. There are strict rules for online casinos compared to the physical alternative, especially when it comes to protecting players who have weaknesses when it comes to gambling, as they make it more accessible than ever. One online casino was once fined £7.8 million by the UK Gambling Commission for failing to protect problem gamblers.

To conclude, online casinos can be a great, varied source of fun, and potentially a little extra income but they do come with their own set of risks. For example, you have to deal with the possibility of losing your winnings thanks to technical glitches. Make sure to double-check whether or not online gambling is legal where you are, and make sure you are approaching it sensibly with the necessary boundaries in place. We also recommend checking out reviews like this one on Redspin, before choosing an online casino to use.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.