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Incognito Beverage Purse with Style

If you're a busy mom that mostly has kids in tow, then this incognito beverage purse is for you. Carry water or juices when you have the kids. Switch it out for wine when you don't!

Incognito Beverage Purse with Style

Okay, to be honest, when I first saw a Vivajennz purse my initial thought was “WOOT! A wine purse!” I mean come on, wine is good! Then I started reading about the company and I fell even more in love with all of her products.

incognito wine purse

As a fellow autism mom, I immediately scoped out her Puzzle Piece Autism purse. So I knew before I even read her story that she must be touched by autism somewhere in her life. Turns out I was right. (Jennifer is a mom of two, and donates a portion of sale to Autism.) The autism purse is actually named after her autistic son, Dayton. (I love it!) (The rest are named after her friends.)

incognito wine spout

Juice During the Day, Wine at Night

With your Vivajennz purse or bag you can carry water, or juices for your family on outings. Some places don't want us taking in drinks, but often those places don't have healthy substitutes for our special kids. (Which is when I admit, that I do break the rules.) So when you're with family, then family beverages go in your bag. At night, or the rare kid free day when you're with friends, put some wine in that purse!

incognito wine 3

insulated to keep drinks cold

Wine in a bag takes on a whole new meaning

Many bigger wine companies are turning to wine in boxes and bags because it's cheaper. It's also easier. All you need to do is pull out that bag and put it in your Vivajennz purse. Voila! Adult beverages on the go. However, if you prefer wine from a bottle, you can purchase wine bags for your purse from Vivajennz. This is perfect for me. I live only five minutes from a winery, and their wines are all in bottles.

incognito 4

To see all of the Vivajennz purses and bags, head to her website. Be sure to follow them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.

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