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Importance Of Essay Writing Skills In Any Career Field

In the midst of a global pandemic, technology moves ever closer to the forefront of the business world. Thousands work from home, in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

They rely on technology to perform their duties, both as employees and employers.

We have seen newscasters giving the daily report in their boxer shorts, television shows produced virtually and broadcast from the star’s homes.

And while technology is a medium that provides connection between individuals in a time of isolation, it is not useful without proper application.

Meaning, technology is only as useful as the person using it and produces only the outcome for which it is commanded.

Importance Of Essay Writing Skills In Any Career Field

Although many believe essay writing skills fall short in comparison to the necessity of technological skills in the workplace, in reality, essay writing skills prove to be more efficient in producing a competent employee than technology skills alone, as they are a reflection of an individual’s communication competency.

The main uses of productive technology include forms of virtual communication, such as video conferencing, audio conferencing, email, and other text-only platforms.

Video conferencing is a controversial form of communication.

These conferences provide nonverbal forms of communication that aid in effective message transmission and receiving, namely through tone of voice, timing, pace of speech, and hand motions.

While video conferences are the most similar form of virtual communication to face-to-face communication, many workers feel that when in-person meetings are unavailable, written communication wastes less time, provides precise, detailed information, and leads to greater efficiency overall.

It is a linguistic-based style of communication that allows language to be the primary determinant of meaning.

Thus, written communication, in the form of short essays (in the form of newsletters, emails, articles, informative essay outlines, etc.) provide a clear method of communication in the workplace.

Fluency in this style of communication functions not only to relay information efficiently but also to exercise problem-solving skills.

An essay functions to address a singular issue, presenting the topic, argument, dissent, and conclusion. In a similar way, in a career setting, trials will arise.

By embracing the skills of essay writing that analyze a problem, possible solutions, and oppositions to arrive at a singular conclusion, a skilled essay writer can also apply these tactics in the workplace.

This practice produces healthy conflict management, a positive group climate, and effective problem-solving in the workplace.

Importance Of Essay Writing Skills In Any Career Field

Not only this, but essay skills also give the individual dedication to achieving a desired goal, as this behavior must also be shown in reaching the goal of moving from an introduction paragraph to a conclusion paragraph.

In any career field, communication serves as a centerpiece for all productive outcomes in a workplace.

Though many argue that one aspect of workplace competency holds relevance above all else, in reality, a well-rounded approach to effective communication will provide the highest efficiency in a career.

Essay writing skills prove to be important in any career path, as they allow the individual to communicate effectively, create a solution for problems, and express creativity through language.

These skills are practiced on paper, on a computer system, or in person, thus leading to a balanced, fulfilling career.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.