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iLuminate Travel Mirror With Light Keeps You Seeing Clearly

Folding Travel Mirror with Light


iLuminate Beauty Essentials offers some of the most amazing travel and vanity mirrors. And this travel folding lighted mirror is a must have for anyone that ever travels. Or if you are an on the go business woman or a busy mom or caregiver. Because sometimes you just need a quick look over and touch up of your makeup.


Bright white LED lights ( you never have to replace these ) and a distortion free glass in 1X and a perfect 5X magnification. Because you need to see even the tiniest details while doing your makeup, hair or putting on your jewelry. And I love the fact that it is portable and can be hand-held. Or it can be set on the table or shelf where you need it the most.


Amazing Features 

Distortion free glass with crisp reflections
Smooth, compact shape folds away to save space
Versatile: regular mirror plus 5x for close details
Perfect for travel and doing makeup on the go
Battery operated and cord free (batteries included)
Perfect for places without enough light
Conveniently fits in your purse, handbag or glove box


And another feature that I absolutely love is the touch turn on. Because when you put the batteries in and turn it on. You touch the circle on the mirror and it automatically turns on! How cool is that? It is so easy to open into the different stages. Opens like an accordion with adjustable height and angles. Allowing different views. Plus the LED lights never need replacing and has a one year 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are on the go a lot and need to touch your makeup, this is a necessity for your purse or makeup bag.

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