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Powerful But Lightweight Earbuds- IFROGZ


We were honored to try out a new model of the IFROGZ earbuds.  There are two new models in its family of Bluetooth wireless earbuds – the Impulse Duo Wireless and InTone Wireless, both designed to bring quality wireless audio to the masses. Earbuds and headphones are a necessity in my house.  The kids listen to music, my hubby listens to podcasts, and I use them to answer phone calls.  However, they also are in high demand.  My kids don’t like to charge anything I swear, or they can’t find them.  So when we had the chance to try out the new Impulse Duo Wireless, I was excited.

Powerful But Lightweight Earbuds- IFROGZ

Impulse Duo Wireless ($44.99 SRP) – Features dual, dynamic 6mm neodymium drivers in each earbud (12mm total per earbud) to deliver a crisp, robust soundscape. The Impulse Duo Wireless earbuds come equipped with three different sizes of earbud tips for a customized fit and the IFROGZ Earbud Tips for Life™ limited lifetime warranty. Available in charcoal or silver.

These were easy to pair with my phone, and the sound was fantastic.  The Impulse earbuds have a premium sound to them, I enjoyed 3 hours of music yesterday, and it’s been a long time since I’ve done that.  My kids tried talking to me and oops didn’t hear anything since I was enjoying my new earbuds.  I like how the cord isn’t long and won’t catch on things while I’m walking.  LOVE THIS! There is a clip that I put on my shirt and had no issues with it falling or coming undone.  When I’m not using the earbuds, I can wrap them up around the storage clip all nice and tidy! I’m not sure if I will be sharing these with my family, I like them too much. Powerful But Lightweight Earbuds- IFROGZ

Powerful But Lightweight Earbuds- IFROGZ

InTone Wireless ($29.99 SRP) – Features powerful and lightweight 14mm neodymium drivers for outstanding, yet affordable sound. The InTone Wireless earbuds mimic the shape of the ear and are designed for those who can’t find a comfortable fit with traditional earbuds with adjustable earbud tips. Available in black or white.

Both models are equipped with IFROGZ’s signature features, including:

  • Wireless control with magnetic clip for convenient music and call control and cable management when not in use
  • IPX-2 sweat resistance
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life

The new IFROGZ Wireless earbuds are available now at and select retailers.

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