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How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Hiding Something

We all have secrets at certain times in life.

If your girlfriend is covering things up, it’s not necessarily something bad. Let’s say, she might keep secret information about your birthday surprise party.

Nevertheless, there are cases when secrets take a more serious turn.

Therefore, consider some scientific-based ways on how to tell if a lady is hiding something.

Pay attention if she seems estranged

If you spend a lot of time together with your girlfriend, then you will most likely quickly notice if something changes in her behavior or seems strange.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Hiding Something

Make a mental note of this and continue observing the girl, noticing if she does not behave as usual.

Watch when her behavior changes

As soon as you notice the oddities in the girl, start observing when the changes in her behavior are brought to light.

Look for common factors that can help you to identify what makes your beloved behave in a different way.

  • Does her behavior change when it comes to a certain topic?
  • Does the change happen in the presence of a certain person?
  • Does she feel disagreeable when being in a particular place?

Observe her changed behavior

Once you have identified a common cause for your girlfriend’s sudden secrecy, check up on her for the obvious signs of being dishonest. For example:

  • it seems to you that she is puzzling over something;
  • her gaze is often directed towards the exit;
  • she often makes pauses when answering your questions;
  • she abruptly changes the topic of the conversation;
  • she folds her arms or protects vulnerable areas of the body, such as the throat;
  • she enters into too many details;
  • she leans back as if trying to distance herself from you;
  • she doesn’t move her arms and legs;
  • she makes almost no expressive gestures;
  • she stops using first-person expressions and calls people by name, instead of “he” or “she”;
  • she completely avoids answering questions;
  • she often clears her throat and swallows hard.

These signs clearly indicate that a person is hiding something from you.

Keep them in mind when dealing with people in real life or trying to meet women online.

Think how serious her secret seems to you

When observing the girl’s behavior, think about what she might be hiding and how serious it is.

Perhaps she is hiding the fact of cheating or returning to a bad habit, such as smoking.

But keep in mind that there is always a chance that she is secret about something positive, such as a surprise party or an unexpected gift. It is important for you to give her the credit of trust.

Ask frankly what she is hiding

Start the topic calmly and judiciously.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Hiding Something

There is a chance that your girlfriend will get angry when you approach the subject, so do your best to lighten the atmosphere while keeping cool.

But at the same time, you should not speak about your concerns evasively and vaguely.

Be clear and straightforward about her secrecy so that your loved one fully understands the essence of the conversation.

Listen to her answer carefully

Try to stay cool and listen to the girl without interrupting.

If she remains secretive, point out certain behaviors on her part that show potential lies, such as averting eyes, pauses in speech, or giving too much detail.

After that, ask her again to be honest with you.

If she continues to hide something, you should reconsider the value of this relationship. What can be said about your love if your girlfriend talks round corners?

Take time to accept the truth

If the girl has really set her secrets free, give yourself some extra time to process the information, especially if it’s unpleasant.

Think about why the girl was keeping this from you and whether the reasons for such behavior can be justified.

Was she supposed to be honest from the very beginning, or her silence is understandable? Was it right to hide information from you, and what can be done to heal the pain?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.