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How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning – as soon as you get up and make your way down to the kitchen, having a perfect of cup of coffee can really affect the rest of your day.

When you get that coffee just right, then the moment you take that first sip, it’ll be like paradise is massaging your taste buds.

You’ll feel more alive then before and you’ll just know that you can do whatever the day brings you.

But of course, making that perfect cup of coffee isn’t so easy.

Finding the right flavour, method and temperature can all affect how perfect that cup of coffee is for you. Our favorite coffee is this Kona coffee from Greenwell Farms. It’s honestly the best coffee that we’ve tried so far.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Having a good coffee machine (like the ones found at will be your first step. But there’s so much more that you will need to consider.

You can’t just pick a random coffee and pour in the hot water, there’s an art to getting that perfect cup of coffee in the morning – so let’s look into this further.

Find the Right Coffee and Roast

Did you know that coffee isn’t just one flavour?

There are actually over 800 tasting notes and potential flavours found naturally in coffee/

This is perfect as everyone has different favourite tastes, so you can easily find one that is perfect for you.

Of course, the different roast levels of coffee greatly impact what tasting notes you’ll be able to discover from the coffee you choose.

So, you should consider what it is that you like.

Do you like fruity, berry, or tea-like flavours in your coffee, then you should probably stick to your lighter roasts?

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

But if you prefer a more bold, smoky, whisky flavour, then you should stick to the darker roasts.

Don’t forget you’ve also got the middle roast spectrum, where you’ll find some healthy doses chocolate and a good mix of everything in between.

As you can see, you can easily get different flavours, so it’s important that you find the right coffee and roast. 

Sort Out the Finer Details

Sorting out the finer details is really important is really getting that perfect cup of coffee.

As you are well aware, coffee is essentially just two ingredients – coffee and water, which just means that the details matter.

When you’re pressed for time, it can be so tempting to just throw your coffee grinds into a coffee machine and just walk away, but if you do this then it won’t be a good coffee.

You need to show your coffee some love in the brewing process.

Don’t rush making coffee, this isn’t something that you can just do, there is an art in making that perfect cup of coffee.

But with time, patience, and practice you’ll easily be able to figure out what you need to do to make that perfect cup of coffee.

Things like finding the right roast, the right water quality and temperature, will all play a part in making the perfect cup of coffee.

But these are all details that you need to make sure that you figure out soon!

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Make Sure You Have a Good Brew Method

Of course, with any coffee you need to make sure that you perfect the brew method that you do.

You could consider the best Moka Pots for daily usage!

This is one of the biggest variables in how your cup comes out when you pour it.

For example, if you prefer coffee that have a more citrusy or floral note then use a Chemex when pouring – the coffee is less exposed to water and all-around less bitter.

By comparison, you could always use a French Press that produces an oiler, more full-bodied cup of coffee.

Because of it’s steeping method, you’re more likely to get a consistent taste with a French Press, regardless of roast or targeted coffee flavour notes.

hoosing the appropriate coffee brewer may make or break the quality and flavor of your coffee. The first thing to consider is the best brewing technique for you.

Do you prefer a French press, a pour-over, or an automated drip machine for your coffee? Next, consider how much brewing capacity you require.

A single-serve maker may suffice if you live alone or are the only coffee user in your home. However, if you entertain visitors or have a bigger family, a higher-capacity brewer may be required.

Simply Good Coffee is a simple, low-cost machine that allows millions more Americans to enjoy wonderful coffee in the comfort of their own homes.

So, you need to figure out what sort of coffee you would like in the mornings – what is a perfect cup of coffee for you?

Once this is figured out you can easily make one.

If you want to ensure a perfect cup of coffee each time, then here are 3 must have kitchen appliances for making great coffee!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.