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How To Look Good In Your Nursing Scrubs

How To Look Good In Your Nursing Scrubs

Whoever said style and fashion are only tied to a specific profession needs to hold their horses. People in the medical field have all the right to be fashionable while doing shifts in the hospital. Nowadays, you can find Grey’s anatomy scrubs, which are inspired by the famous television series. 

Because nurses wear their scrubs day in and day out, looking good on this medical uniform is very important. In reality, nurses are kept in a profession where spending even little time with their friends, and family is a luxury because of the tight schedule. So here are some tips to look excellent with your scrub and be fashionable enough to wear it for some night out with your friends following a hectic day at work. 


     1. Find the one that accurately suits your body type. 


Whether you’re on the heavy or the light side, there will always be suitable cuts for you. Those who are on the heavier side can go for deep v-necks, dark solid colors, or open collar neck scrub suits; this will help narrow your upper body. Those who are bottom-heavy may opt to go for long tops skimming over your hips. Also, never wear wide pants if you are blessed with “heavy” hips. 

The slimmer ones look good in ruffled, gathered, or smocked tops because this will add volume to the body. To have a more “substantial” look, were a camisole and a jacket layered together with the scrub suit.


     2. Find the Right Size. 


Finding the right scrub size is often overlooked by many. Males usually have too wide or too fit scrubs. Females fail to have their actual measurements. Always wear the right scrub size for a more comfortable fit. Wearing well-fitting scrubs can make you feel confident, and you are even at ease to walk tall. If you can’t find your size, it’s best to tap seamstresses and tailors. 


     3. Don’t be afraid of wearing complementary colors.


Ideally, the color of your scrub should match your skin tone. Go for a color that brightens your face. To check if a color is right for you, hold the uniform closer to your face. If it gives you a warm tone, then it’s the right choice. If you look pale and tired, look for another color. It also helps to seek the opinion of your colleagues or friends to find the most suitable color for you. 


     4. Match your pants and your tops.


Most scrubs come in pairs. Try to buy different sets in bold colors and prints and match them up separately. Be creative with your uniforms, and never be afraid to shift your sets. When you wear a new look, this can help you get excited, thus resulting in a good day at work. But make sure you know how to mix your scrubs properly. For example, when your top is printed, your pants should be a solid color.


     5. Add some personal touch. 


Just because you buy your scrubs off the rack doesn’t mean you can’t add your unique and personal stamp on it; this is done by some institutions where your name is beautifully embroidered on one side of the top.

If you want to look and feel good, be creative with your scrub suits. Just like those Grey’s anatomy scrubs, you can make a less than appealing outfit look interesting knowing how to look great in them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.