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How To Install Artificial Grass For Pets

Pets prefer lush grass in the yard to enjoy.

If your yard has a bald and worn look, then consider installing artificial grass for your pets.

You can install the grass through a simple DIY project.

You need to keep a few basic tools ready for completing the installation process.

Once the installation is done, both you and your pet will be extremely satisfied.

How To Install Artificial Grass For Pets

The following are the key steps to install artificial grass for your pets:

Preparing the Site

To get started, you need to prepare the site. You should remove existing dirt and grass sod using a turf cutter.

Artificial grass will sit about ½- inch over the edging, you should adjust the turf accordingly.

If there are any sprinklers, then cap and remove them.

Other irregularities may include rocks, shrubs, rocks, etc. that should be considered before measuring the area of artificial grass to be installed.

You should level these irregularities and even out bumps to get the correct measurement for artificial grass installation.

You should also leave drainage for draining pet urine or any other wastes.

The drainage type may also depend on the type of surface on which artificial grass needs to be installed.

If artificial grass needs to be installed on concrete, then six inches gap should be left around the outer edges for proper drainage.

For the soil base, then a base for drainage will be needed. You should also install waterproof borders around the outer edges of the turf.

This will protect the vegetation and your lawn.

Its height should not be above the level of the grass for ensuring proper drainage.

While the site preparation may take time, it is important to do it correctly for making the entire process seamless and convenient.

Cut the Grass

Once the turf has been prepared, you should cut the grass to the exact shape needed for installation.

This step needs a lot of care and patience for getting the best results.

Do not rush and take your time to know the best way to cut the grass according to the desired shape.

How To Install Artificial Grass For Pets

You can use a sharp knife to cut the artificial grass to the desired shape.

Lay the Artificial Grass

The next step is to lay the artificial grass. If you want a lusher and more cushiony feel, then you may have to lay down a base layer.

You should push the artificial grass to the corners to avoid any gaps.

This will ensure a compact and perfect fit for the desired shape.

Work around the perimeter of the yard and compactly press the artificial grass to the turf.

You can also use a layer of adhesive to get a stronger and more secure bond.

You should also keep the artificial grass installation accessories handy, in case they may be needed during the installation process.

Provide Infill

Artificial grass needs to be installed properly to resemble natural grass.

You may have to provide infill for getting a close match to the natural grass.

There are many infills available in the market and most are pet-friendly.

You should verify whether the infill is pet-friendly or not as it may harm your pets otherwise.

Infills are important to keep the artificial grass compact and weighed down. It ensures that the fibers are upright and do not develop divots.

They are excellent for providing more cushion and resemblance to natural grass for your pets.

Once the infill is provided, you should water the turf for it to settle.

How To Install Artificial Grass For Pets

Regular Maintenance

Only installing artificial grass is not enough. You should take proper care of it.

Regular maintenance of artificial grass is a must for longevity. Pets can be messy.

They constantly dig which can damage the grass.

Though artificial grass is more durable than natural grass to damage, it can wear out over time.

You should regularly check for any debris and waste accumulation on the grass and remove it immediately.

Washing it with a hose is a good idea to keep the grass clean and maintained.

You should also rake and brush the fibers to keep them upright.

A little care can make the artificial grass last longer and ensure your pets enjoy it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.