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How to Improve Your Fitness After a Baby

How to Improve Your Fitness After a BabyOne of the most challenging things you can go through both mentally and physically is bringing a child into the world. It is far from easy most times, but the gift of watching your child grow and develop their own personality and character every day makes it more than worth it.

However, you often need to give yourself time to recover after having a baby, especially physically. Your body has done something close to a miracle, so it may not be in the same shape it was before giving birth. Once you’re ready to improve your fitness, there are a few ways to consider. Find out how you can improve your fitness after a baby below.

Go for Walks With the Baby

Not every new mom is ready to go to the gym right after having a baby. For those who would rather take it slow and steady, walks are an excellent place to start if you want to get fit. If you have a nearby park, think about going for a walk there a few times a week. If not, strolling around your neighborhood is just fine at any time of the day you prefer. All you’ll need is a pair of running shoes and a baby stroller from so you can take your baby on a walk with you.

Do Short Workouts During Naps

It can be hard to do anything while your baby is awake, so why not maximize the time they’re sleeping? If you aren’t too sleep deprived yourself, get out your exercise mat and do a mini workout routine.

If you want to strengthen your back muscles, then try head lifts, kneeling pelvic tilts, shoulder lifts, or curl-ups. In addition to helping your back, these movements can also tone your tummy abs and burn calories.

Workout with Your Baby

Who says that you can’t work out with your little one if finding a few minutes to yourself isn’t possible? There are actually many baby and mommy workouts that you could explore, including:

Baby Dancing: While cooking, cleaning, or doing house chores, you should think about including baby dancing somewhere in the mix. It can be a fun way of getting your cardiovascular system going, working out your major muscle groups, and improving balance and coordination.

Baby Curl Ups: If you want to strengthen your core muscles and support your lower back, then try baby curl-ups. Lie face up on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. You can then put your little one in a seated or reclined position on or above your pubic bone.

Walking Lunges: In case you didn’t know, lunges tone the quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, and calves. To do this, take a significant step forward with your right leg and then bend both knees 90 degrees. Keep your front knee over your ankle while your back knee approaches the floor, and your heel is lifted.

Try Play Dates

Meeting up with other moms can be so helpful when you are a new mom; it can provide the emotional support and motivation you often need to get by. Consider a play date with another parent where you do physical activities with one another. You could plan a play date at your home or decide to do something outdoors that enables you all to walk or run around.

Your baby is your number one priority, but it’s important not to forget about yourself as well. Think about your health and how you can improve it to ensure you feel good about yourself and are in the healthiest state possible for your new bundle of joy.

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