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How To Host An Amazing Gender Reveal Party

You’ve reached another milestone in your pregnancy journey.

After months of anticipation and daydreaming, you can now find out the gender of your unborn child.

Of course, your only true wish is that your child is born happy and healthy, but knowing whether you’re having a boy or girl can be exciting.

That’s why lots of people enjoy sharing the news with others by hosting a gender reveal party.

What’s a Gender Reveal Party?

A gender reveal party is a celebration where friends and family gather to hear the announcement on the sex of the expectant couple’s unborn child.

How To Host An Amazing Gender Reveal Party

If you’re thinking of hosting such an event, you’ll find comfort in knowing that there are plenty of gender reveal ideas to choose from.

Continue reading to learn more about hosting such an event. 

Decide on a Theme

Unless you plan on going with the traditional pink and blue color scheme for your gender reveal, you’ll want to come up with a theme.

Some popular ideas include prince and princess, basketball or football player and cheerleader, cowboy and cowgirl, and bow ties and hairbows. 

No matter what your personality or preferences, there are several themes to match. 

Select a Venue

The next step would be to find a venue for your gender reveal party.

If you’re hosting a small and intimate event, you may be able to host the party at your home.

However, if you plan on inviting a lot of people, you’ll want to look at nearby halls, community centers, restaurants, or wedding venues to see what’s available within your price range. 

When searching for venues, take a tour to ensure that the place is clean, the layout works with your vision, the space is large enough for your guests, and other accommodations like restrooms and parking spaces are available. 

Iron Out the Menu

What do you intend to serve at your gender reveal party? This will greatly depend on your budget, the time of day, and the overall theme.

If you were hosting an event during lunch hours, you might serve something simple like sandwiches, fresh fruits and veggies, and an assortment of beverages.

If the event is during the evening hours you may want to serve something more filling like chicken, beef, fish, with two sides, salad, and fresh bread. 

If you’re planning this party on a tight budget, you can always host the event between mealtimes and simply serve appetizers and dessert.

Once you’ve come up with menu ideas, decide whether you’ll prepare the food on your own or have it catered by a restaurant.

If you’re opting to have it catered, start looking for service providers early on to coordinate your ideas with what they have to offer.

Send Out Invitations

Now that you know the overall theme of your gender reveal and where you’re going to host the event, you’re ready to send out invitations.

You should look for designs that tie into the theme for the day. Be sure to also include important information such as the date, place, and time.

You should also include directions to the venue, menu options (if you’re having it catered), and links to your registry or recommended gifts. 

Purchase Decor and Supplies

As you get closer to the date of your gender reveal party, you’ll want to start purchasing the necessary decor and supplies.

This can include tablecloths, banners, centerpieces, paper products, utensils, chairs, and tables.

You’ll also want to take this time to decide how you’re going to share the reveal.

You can go with a gender reveal powder cannon, cake, sparklers, smoke bombs, confetti, and so many more. 


Other than the grand reveal you’ll want to keep your guests entertained at your party.

How To Host An Amazing Gender Reveal Party

You can have an arts and crafts table, outdoor toys, or other activities to keep children occupied. As for the adults, there are some gender reveal games that they’ll have a blast playing.

Lastly, you might consider either creating a music playlist or hiring a DJ to provide music throughout the event. 

There are several ways you can share the gender of your unborn child with those closest to you, but none are as intimate and exciting as having a party.

Follow the above-mentioned advice to put together a party that your friends and family won’t soon forget.

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