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How To Find The Perfect Mailbox To Fit Your House’s Exterior

The appropriate mailbox may update a new or old home. Mailboxes are available in stores, online, and secondhand.

Don't panic.

Here are some tips to assist you to choose the perfect mailbox for your home exterior. 

How To Find The Perfect Mailbox To Fit Your House's Exterior


The internet is becoming increasingly valuable for finding information on any topic. Get the best mailbox for your home by looking around.

This will allow you to examine how several mailboxes measure against one another in design, cost, durability, and material.

Though online shopping and shipping are convenient, nothing beats getting your hands on a mailbox for real.

Check out previous customer reviews, then shop for the best price and installation service. You may learn about the quality of their services and whether or not they provide environmentally friendly mailboxes by reading testimonials.


How frequently do you get mail? There are several factors to consider while selecting the perfect mailbox for your residence.

Perhaps you receive larger envelopes or parcels that you do not want waiting outdoors but rather in your mailbox.

You may frequently order online, possibly bulky items. You might have a large family. While determining the capacity of your home's mailbox, it is vital to consider all of the above factors.

Thus, you will need a giant mailbox to accommodate massive objects.


Curbside mailboxes need to be Postal Service-approved per USPS rules. You can buy a pre-approved mailbox at any hardware store or online.

While facing the road, the mailbox should be mounted between 41 and 45 inches above ground level on the right side, facing the direction of travel for postal carriers.

Moreover, a 6-8 inches clearance from the road's edge must be apparent.

The mailbox should also have the street name and house number. The only permitted addition to a mailbox is a newspaper delivery box mounted on the pole, but no further attachments are allowed.


When choosing the perfect mailbox for your home, consider the location you want it installed. Some mailboxes look perfectly attached to the house if you do not want too much work done on them.

However, having a free-standing mailbox is the best option because you can personalize it to your appeal.

A free-standing mailbox at maybe the entrance of your home would look beautiful, especially if you add personalized numbers, with attractive fonts or even colorful paintings on the mailbox.

When choosing the location, it is best to consider the size of deliveries you receive most.

A giant mailbox may be best placed close to the house due to the security of your parcels.

How To Find The Perfect Mailbox To Fit Your House's Exterior


Consider the climate where you reside. A wide range of advantages and characteristics for mailboxes are available in various materials.

Galvanized steel, aluminum, and plastic are the three most popular alternatives. Steel is popular because of its strength, longevity, rust resistance, beautiful designs, and security choices.

Aluminum, another metal choice, is rust-proof and just as durable as steel while significantly less heavy.

Another viable material is plastic, which is inexpensive and suitable for coastal areas, where a metal mailbox might not be welcome.

The material used to make the mailbox is an essential factor when choosing the perfect mailbox for your exterior. 

In all likelihood, you have a post-mount mailbox, in which the actual mailbox is mounted on top of a post anchored firmly into the ground.

When mail is delivered directly to a house, the mailbox is typically mounted on the external wall unless the place has a mail slot.

Don't forget to notify your local postmaster if you decide to move between these methods, as doing so could prevent a disruption in your mail service.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.