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How To Design A Kid-Friendly Garden

With technology becoming a bigger part of life with every passing day, it can feel almost impossible to get your kids to play outside in the yard.

How To Design A Kid-Friendly Garden

If you want to change your garden into one that is better suited to kids, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Love Your Lawn

As much as you might like the beautiful flowers and delicate shrubs in your garden, your kids do not care about them.

What most children want in their yard is a big lawn to play on, where they can do cartwheels and acrobatics without getting hurt if they fall.

An easy way to get kids out in the yard is to make the lawn area spacious enough to run around on.

It is simple but effective.

Encourage Activity

Whatever sports your children are interested in, try to create space for playing it in the backyard.

That might mean setting up a basketball hoop or soccer goals, or it might mean adding paths that wind through the garden for kids to skateboard or rollerblade over.

Without space to play sports, kids will not be able to practice or play with friends and are much more likely to stay inside.

Money-saving tip: Buy second-hand sports equipment online and sell it on when your kids outgrow it.

Build a Treehouse

It is difficult to imagine a child that would not enjoy a treehouse in their backyard, so if you have the space and a sturdy enough tree, this is an amazing way to get your kids outdoors.

How To Design A Kid-Friendly Garden

If you are a fan of DIY, build it yourself with the help of your children—this is a fantastic opportunity to teach them about hardware safety.

Once it is built, fill it with blankets, pillows, and twinkly lights to brighten the place up and make it cozy.

They will love it!

If you do not have a big enough yard or a strong enough tree, there are other options.

You could buy some pop-up tents to put outside when the weather is good.

They will work as a great clubhouse or hideaway in the summer, and they are an easy way to keep your kids out of the sun.

Make Space for Art

If your kids are creative, an easy way to encourage their artistry is to paint a wall with chalkboard paint and fill a bucket with some colorful chalks.

They can then scribble away to their hearts’ content without worrying about staining or damaging your house; it will simply wipe clean.

Consider Safety

It is great to get your kids playing in the yard, but you should consider some important safety points before you let them out of your sight.

How To Design A Kid-Friendly Garden

You may want to have a perimeter fence installed for better security.

Check out Fence Depot for some excellent deals on a range of fences that add style, security, and privacy to your garden.

You should also make sure there are no harmful plants in your yard—anything that could cause a sting or rash, like poison ivy, or that is dangerous to eat, like lily of the valley.

If you have a pond or a water feature, you should also consider how easily your children can access it.

If there is risk that they could fall in, find a solution.

Once your garden is both safe and fun, you have created a yard that is appropriate for kids to play in. Now let them enjoy it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.