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How To Choose Engagement Rings

Preparing for a wedding can be daunting when it happens for the first time.

And if everybody forgets small mistakes during the wedding celebration in a week, the errors in choosing the wedding rings will remind them about themselves every day from year to year!

Before you go to a jewelry store, it is better to learn in advance all the details of how to choose wedding rings, which kind of gold is more suitable for handmade black engagement diamond rings, how to select the ring size, and in general, what models to pay attention to.

How To Choose Engagement Rings


Gold is the traditional metal for engagement rings: since ancient times, our ancestors believed that the noble color of the sun has a unique energy and protects those who wear it.

Nowadays, a range of engagement rings in jewelry stores offers a model for every taste and color: along with the usual red gold, white gold, and silver have become popular.

And if white rings are often chosen because of religious beliefs, allergies to the metal, or stylistic preferences, most married couples wear gold rings.

When choosing the gold color, remember that low-carat gold has a friendly price tag but contains only 37.5% of gold in the alloy.

After a couple of years, such items fade and take on a greenish hue.

Optimal for engagement rings is considered to be 585 gold because these products are sufficiently durable, have a noble shade, and long retain their original appearance and luster.

Style and Design

There are two varieties of engagement ring designs:

  • Classic sleek rings with no embellishments or inserts,
  • Fantasy models with unusual relief, engraving, and combination of metals or inlaid stones.

When choosing wedding rings, be guided by your casual style of dress.

If you usually wear simple and comfortable things, you should wear rings of the same minimalistic design so they do not stand out from the general image.

Classical is a perfect solution for most people as its simple design does not conflict with various styles of clothing, can be easily combined with other jewelry on the hand, and does not cause discomfort while wearing.

Classic rings do not cling to clothes, do not leave puffs, and have no risk of falling out of stones.

And those inclined to trust omens will mark one more pleasant moment: folk wisdom promises a smooth life without quarrels and misunderstandings for couples who wear similar soft rings.

Width and Shape of the Profile

Engagement rings are divided by width into narrow, medium, and wide.

You can choose the correct width according to personal preference, but it is better – guided by the size of the palm and the length of the fingers.

Very narrow or relatively wide rings look good on slim hands with long slender fingers.

Large hands with broad fingers need wide models without complicated designs.

Palms with short fingers don't like wide rings, so the maximum width is 4 mm.

Medium-sized hands are delicate with medium-width rings (4-6mm).


Once you decide on your engagement rings' metal, design, shape, and width, it's time to try them on.

You shouldn't buy a wedding ring without trying it on, even if you are sure of the size: you will have to wear it all at once, so you'd better make sure it fits well and feels right.

“The right ring” goes quickly through the joint bone but does not dangle on the phalanx. It is better to plan a trip to the jewelry store in the afternoon, but not after physical exertion or in the heat so that the fingers do not swell.

The size range of wedding rings is represented by models from 15 to 24 with a pitch width of half a size, so it is usually easy to find a suitable ring.

According to an omen, if you buy both rings in one place and on the same day, the newlyweds will be inseparable, and the family will be strong and friendly.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.