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How to Adjust to the End of Daylight Savings Time

It’s almost that time of year, the end of daylight savings time. At 2 am on November 1, 2020, you’ll have to turn your clocks back one hour commencing the end of daylight savings time.

How To Adjust To Daylight savings time

During this time many families struggle with sleep because their bodies were used to the schedule that we’ve enjoyed since March.

The days will start to get shorter, and the mornings will appear to arrive quicker.

You’ll feel groggy and your schedule will get slightly messed up.

These are the joys of living in a location that recognizes daylight savings time.

While the change in time does impact each of us differently, today I’m sharing some tips to adjust to this time of year.

These tips will help all of you adjust easier during this time changing event. 

Fall Back 1 Hour, Autumn Leaves on weathered grunge wood with a Fall Back 1 Hour Card

How to Adjust to the End of Daylight Savings Time

Don’t Stay Up Later

This is a mistake that many people make during daylight savings time.

They feel like they’re going to gain an hour so they stay up an hour later than normal. This is a bad idea and will mess your sleep patterns.

Go to sleep at the time you’d normally go to bed, and deal with setting the clocks backward an hour when you’re awake the next day.

How to Adjust to the End of Daylight Savings Time

Do a Sleep Reset

Stop looking at screens at least one hour before bedtime, or use blue light glasses if you must look at any screens before bedtime.

Make sure you’re only using your bedroom for sleep and that you don’t have the television on so that your mind will drift into slumber quicker.

Get a supportive pillow and check your mattress to see if it’s comfortable enough, if not you can order a pillow top cover to help with your sleep reset for the end of daylight savings time.

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Consider Your Pets

With the clocks being turned back one hour, your pets are going to be slightly confused.

They may wonder why you haven’t fed them or taken them out to do their business.

Be considerate of your pet’s anxiety during this time by keeping their regular feeding patterns, or at least slowly adjusting them to a new feeding time during the first couple weeks of the end of daylight savings time.

How to Adjust to the End of Daylight Savings Time

Consider a Happy Light

If you’ve been known to struggle with the lack of daylight during the end of daylight savings time, now is the time to purchase a Happy Light or similar light.

This is called a light therapy device that will help ease the transition during the darker days by providing you with the light your body needs to stay alert, focused, and happier.

Many people suffer from seasonal depression during the end of daylight savings time.

This is partially due to the change in weather patterns but also due to the shorter days.

The lack of sunlight can play a huge role in your mental health, so please use my tips shared above to help you adjust to the end of daylight savings time this year.

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