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How Do You Avoid Dating Someone Who Has a Lot of Debt?

It’s hard enough finding a date who shares your sense of humor, let alone your financial attitude. Compromising could spell disaster though. When you’re weighing up whether you want to start dating someone, you might not think about their credit score. After all, it’s hardly romantic, is it?

How Do You Avoid Dating Someone Who Has a Lot of Debt?


With the average American having around $38,000 of debt, none of us want to get deeper into financial difficulty. That means looking at a prospective partner’s debt situation. Sure, they’re polite, but will they drag you further down?

Avoiding getting involved with someone who’s in debt is the easiest way to skip the stress. Keep reading and we’ll show you how. 

Be Upfront About Money From the Start

Debt usually isn’t the first subject to crop up at the dinner table but you can still be upfront about money. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be honest and mature about how you view your financial security. 

Being upfront doesn’t mean talking about your amazing salary or how rich you plan on being, it’s more about talking about what’s important to you. If you tell your date that you’re happy to be nearing the end of your student loan debt, they might open up about similar debt. 

If you’re in debt, it’s also important to take control of it yourself and ask the right questions. Does debt consolidation affect your credit? What’s good debt and what’s bad? When you’re upfront with yourself, you’ll find it easier to be upfront with others. 

Work Out What Type of Debt They Have

Most people have or have had some kind of debt. There’s nothing wrong with certain types of debt if it’s affordable and well-managed. The red flags come when someone is hiding from their debt or refusing to deal with it. 

If it looks like your date hits the plastic hard and lives a flashier life than their job would suggest, they might be racking up debt. If they’re living more frugally and talk about reducing their student debt, they might be more responsible. 

Are You on the Same Page?

The most important part is finding out whether you and your date are on the same page about finances. Perhaps they have some debt but have a solid plan to reduce it and are executing that plan. If that sounds admirable to you, you’re probably on the same page. 

If they say things like, “it’s only money, you can get more” while you’re trying to save for a down payment, maybe they don’t share your values. 

If you don’t have the same financial values, it won’t be long before trouble will start. If you don’t want to labor under the weight of more debt, don’t be afraid to stop dating someone if you find out they have a financial situation that doesn’t work for you. 

Dating Someone With the Same Financial Goals as You

Being upfront with yourself and the people you date is the easiest way to find a harmonious relationship. Dating someone with debt and different financial goals to you will lead to arguments and possibly end the partnership later on. Successful couples can be very different from each other, but they usually have the same values. 

Be upfront, be honest, and stay away from dates who don’t fit with your financial ideal. Money is too important to not think about. 

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