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How About Macau Instead Of Las Vegas

When it’s about planning a special trip, whether it’s someone’s birthday, bachelorette or spring break, the first thing people tend to think about is Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Casinos, pool parties, nightclubs with internationally renowned DJs – truth be told, it’s fun and exciting! 

How About Macau Instead Of Las Vegas

However, what if I told you there is a place on the other side of the world, that’s just like Las Vegas? Yes, it does exist, and the place I’m talking about is Macau! 

Macau is an autonomous region in Southern China and former Portuguese territory. Known by many as the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau has quickly become the top destination for gambling tourists from around the world. With a subtropical climate, Macau has warm temperatures all year round with two long high seasons from May to September and November to February. 

Over 30 Western-style casinos

Within less than two decades, Macau turned from a rather unexciting place into a casino superhub with 38 Western-style casino resorts. Most of them reside on the Macau Peninsula, and one-third are on Taipa Island. The Venetian Casino Resort, City of Dreams Macau, The Sands or Wynn Macau are just a handful of the top brands that opened franchises in the autonomous region in China. 

In case names such as Wynn ring a bell – we are talking about the same Wynn casino that only runs two casinos in Las Vegas. The owners and shareholders quickly realised the potential of Macau and opened a luxury hotel resort with a total of 1,008 rooms and almost 300,000 square feet of casino space. 

Travel and accommodation for under $500

The first thing that crosses peoples’ minds when they hear about Macau is that it must be expensive. However, just like Las Vegas, you will be surprised that even the most luxurious hotels are rather cheap compared to other destinations. Ultimately, the resorts earn most of their income through their casinos and entertainment shows. 

Of course, you still need to have a decent budget to cover flights, hotel, and expenses. If you’re just after the casino experience, you might be better off playing games at a leading online casino or one of their sister sites. Just like a regular gambling den, you will be able to play slots, blackjack, roulette, and any other popular casino from the comfort of your home. 

Now, if you do want to get the full experience, here is a breakdown of how much one week Macau would cost you:

  • Flights: Despite the distance, flights are surprisingly cheap. If you don’t mind jumping on a connecting flight, XiamenAir takes you to China for as low as $380. 
  • Hotel: Just like Las Vegas, hotels in Macau start at reasonable prices. For $970 you get 7 nights for two people in a four or five-star hotel. If you’re going with a friend or partner, that’s a mere $70 per night! 
  • Entertainment: Macau has a lot to offer, and there are plenty of entertainment shows to choose from while you’re down there. However, it’s fair to mention that these shows come at a price. You often have to fork over up to $200 to see one of the top acts, but that is no different to Las Vegas. 

Long story short; for those of you that are planning an exciting trip this year and don’t want to follow the crowds to Las Vegas, perhaps move Macau up your bucket list!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.