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Homeschooling Can Be Just As Fun As It Is Educational

Ask yourself this, “what are some of the main focuses that parents should consider for their children?” Well, besides having fun, that educational factor is the next best thing. Of course, you are going to make sure they are healthy and taken care of. Although, their education is just as important because it prepares them for the future. Plus there are plenty of ways to go about helping your child learn.

In case you didn’t know, May is Homeschooling Awareness Month! There is nothing wrong with letting your child be homeschooled. In fact, there are some incredible products that can help you do just that! So go ahead and check out all the information I have for you below.

Incredible Selection Of Homeschooling Learning Toys

You are going to want to get every possible can when homeschooling your kids. So here are a few product options for you to take a crack at:

  • On the Farm Threading Game by HABA– this is a unique free threading game that your little thread expert can work with. They’ll be able to play an exciting tactile game by themselves or with a buddy. Simply take turns pulling the play figures out of the bag and let the fun begin. More details include:
    • Promotes STEM learning
    • Set comes with 2 threads with stable, 1 cow, 1 calf, 1 horse, 1 foal, 1 cloverleaf, 1 flower, 1 milk churn, 1 horseshoe, 4 templates, 1 little tactile bag

  • Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set by Learning Resources – your little scientist, will have a blast conducting unique experiments! All they have to do is follow step by step instructions to get them on their way. Then they can jot down everything they learned from that particular experiment. Other details include:
    • Skill Development: Problem solving, Fine motor skills, Following multi-step directions, Sequential thought, Math concepts, Making predictions, Observation  2 Flasks (round- and flat-bottomed)
    • Includes: 2 Large test tubes with stand, Eyedropper, 2 Funnels, Safety Glasses, Tall stand with adjustable holder clips, 2 Twisty connector tubes, 3 Stoppers, Sensory Tube with solid and vented lids, Primary Science ViewScope with viewing case, 20 Double-sided Activity Cards

  • Let’s Go Code Activity Set by Learning Resources– let your children have a blast while building up a wonder set of motor skills. This is a coding set that focuses on early coding and programming idea without the use of electronics! They can hop, step, and turn all over the place while learning too! Other details include:
    • Includes: 20 Foam maze mats, 20 Double-sided coding cards, Die-cut pieces including 2 robots, 2 gears, 2 springs, 2 arrows, and 2 Xs
    • Learning Style: Visual, Kinesthetic, Tactile
    • Skill Development: Critical thinking, Sequential thought, Problem-solving, Gross motor skills, Directional sense, Following directions

  • Zookeeper Sorting Box by HABA – this fun because your child will be able to play while pretending to feed their favorite animals. This unique sorting box attacks several aspects of your child’s mind like colors and shapes recognition as well! More details include:
    • Includes 8 wooden shapes and 1 sorting box
    • Made of wood
    • Non-toxic stain

  • Deign & Drill Robot by Educational Insights – is the perfect introduction to STEM learning through basic engineering and construction play! More details include:
    • Includes colored bolts and kid-friendly screwdriver
    • Customize with decorative stickers

Grabbing all or a few of these items for your child can benefit them in more ways than one. All you have to do is check out all the information I have for you above.

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