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Holiday Gifts for the Sock Lover

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

Gone are the days of being disappointed when you open socks on Christmas! There are so many neat options out there that makes getting and giving socks so much fun! Here are some ideas for the sock lover on your list.

gifts for sock lover

Holiday Gifts for the Sock Lover

Once I had kids I started getting into patterned socks. I saw all the cute ones they had for babies, toddlers, and kids, and I wanted some too. As a matter of fact, last year for Christmas, my youngest and I both got ten pairs of neat socks under the tree. We were stoked.

Now my eldest is into having stand out socks. However, he doesn’t want characters on his feet. He wants “cool designs.” I recently discovered Prince + Pete, and realized they have just what he’s looking for!

Prince + Pete

Prince + Pete

Their socks are “amazeballs,” as my eldest says. First of all, they’re super soft. Secondly, they’re made of moisture wicking bamboo to keep feet from being soggy. Thirdly, they have arch support and extra cushioning in the sole. Last, but not at all least, the designs are fantastic!


Starter Pack

My son loves the Prince + Pete starter pack. It comes with four pairs of socks in your chosen color pattern. (You can choose from Mercer, Bleeker, Ludlow, Hudson, Worth, and Melrose.) Prince + Pete throws in a ninth sock. This sock with match your color patterns. So now you can mix and match your socks, to really stand out and be you. (Then if your dryer eats one, you still have four pairs! Our dryers loves to eat socks! Or else they hide. Either way, so annoying!)

cool socks

Other than the Starter Pack, all Prince + Pete socks are sold one sock at a time. You can buy one sock, five, twenty, whatever you’d like. Mix and match your color themes, and don’t worry about “pairs.” Washing and sorting socks will be so much easier! I think that’s part of the appeal for my eldest. He doesn’t care to sort or fold. He loathes matching pairs of socks too. With Prince + Pete, he doesn’t have to.

For more info and to get yours, click here. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram too.

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