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Being a Hero Beats Being a Bully

    Sadly it’s estimated that 49% of children in grades fourth through twelfth have experienced bullying. My son was just five years old when he started getting bullied. It’s heartbreaking. Our children need to be taught that different is okay, because children that seem different to their peers are more likely to be bullied. This teaching needs to start while kids are young, at home and especially in school. That’s where this new book by Lauren DuBois Rosemond comes in handy. It teaches kids not to bully.

Hero not Bully

Being a Hero Beats Being a Bully

    In Lauren’s new books for kids, It’s Good to Be Kingd, we meet Leonard the Lion. Leonard is admired by all in the animal kingdom, and not just because he’s king. Because he’s kind. He wears a red cape and of course his crown, and uses his status to create a positive environment for all in his kingdom.

don't bully

    Her book uses mnemonic devices to teach youngsters to STOP and THINK. Will their actions HELP or HURT or their peers? It assists children in making connections with others, teaches them strategies to be a positive force in their communities, and helps them practice these skills. It teaches them to be BETTER THAN THAT, and to rise above bad choices by making the right choices.

Perfect tool for teachers

    It’s Good to Be Kingd isn’t just wonderful for at home teachings, but it’s also perfect for the classroom. The younger we start teaching our children about kindness, the better person they will become. Which in turn makes our world a better place. This book would make a fantastic addition to daycare, preschools, and elementary class rooms too. I even think it would be great to have in Sunday School or even in Summer Bible School lessons. Kids can relate to Leonard and learn from him that it’s better to be a hero than to be a bully.

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Where to buy

    To “Wear the Cape,” and get your copy of Lauren DuBois Rosemond’s book, It’s Good to Be Kingd, CLICK HERE. Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.