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Here Are Some Unlikely Ways to Practice Self-Care This Winter

Winter means we’re all spending more time inside than normal. And with a pandemic still on our hands, it’s likely that this winter we’re spending even more time than that in our homes. If you’re struggling to find ways to practice self-care while you’re home this season, here are a few unlikely ideas to try out.

Send a Care Package to a Friend

It’s been a while since you’ve seen your friends in person. Whether they live a few blocks away or in a different state, sending a care package to someone you care about can be an act of self-care for yourself. This is especially true if you thrive when you get to give gifts to the people in your life. When there are almost 2,760 packages shipped out every second, sending a care package doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But when that person you care so much about receives their gift, it’s pretty much guaranteed how fulfilled you’ll feel in that moment. If you’ve never built a care package before, there’s no need to worry! Sitting at home gives you the perfect excuse to do a little bit of research. More than anything else, a care package should house items that your loved one enjoys or can use to build their own self-care practice. Tea or coffee can be an excellent addition to any care package, as well as a scented candle and small trinkets that remind you of your loved one. The possibilities are really endless because it’s the thought that counts.

Invest in Treatment for Medical Issues

Receiving the medical care you need might not seem like an act of self-care at first, but caring for yourself means making sure you’re healthy and well. If you’re experiencing strange pains or problems with digestion, it’s important to get in touch with your doctor and receive the medical treatment you need to get better. This is especially important if you’re in pain and unsure what’s causing the issue. A simple prescription might solve all of your problems, but you’ll never know if you don’t contact your doctor when you start experiencing symptoms. It could be worth asking your doctor about alternative medicine, too. In fact, almost 85% of legal cannabis consumption is for pain treatment.

Update Your Passwords

Is your online data safe? It might not seem like an act of self-care to update your security information on the internet, but the truth is that having your financial and personal data online can be a major source of anxiety. Sometimes you just need a little peace of mind while you browse the internet. Updating your social media and ecommerce passwords can help you do just that. You can even turn it into a project if that’s something that speaks to you. A fancy spreadsheet or a handwritten password list can make what seems like a mundane activity feel more like a personal project. Considering that in business, almost 75% to 80% of malicious attacks come from within an organization rather than from outside, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t trust anyone online with your personal data. Not only are you caring for your mental health with the knowledge that you have secure passwords, but you’re protecting your identity and finances, as well.

Self-care doesn’t always take the form of fancy drinks and luxurious bubble baths. Rather, self-care looks like you, truly caring for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.