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Herbal Element Teas for Mother’s Day

Herbal Element Teas for Mother's Day

Every Mom needs a little time for herself.  Some of them like their coffee, or soft drinks, but I love tea.  Sipping tea while sitting and relaxing is the perfect way for me to escape.  I've tasted quite a few different tea brands, but I really like Herbal Element Tea.  It has great, healthy ingredients that make the tea taste so good.


Herbal Element Tea takes the things that Mother Nature provides and incorporates that into their tea.  For example, my favorite one is for anxiety (Anxiety Release).  It slows your pounding heart rate and stops those racing thoughts!  It has catnip (yes, I did say catnip!), lavender, and chamomile in it, so you know it is relaxing.  As a matter of fact, my Mom, who is not a believer in tea, decided to steal my Anxiety Release tea last night.  She ended up sleeping all night long without waking up like she usually does.  She's a believer now!


If you are looking for a tea that helps specific ailments, you will like Herbal Element Tea.  There is something for tummy problems (Tummy Tonic), Hormone Balance, Golden Sunrise with caffeine (for the coffee lover), and Herbal Coffee with no caffeine.  These are loose-leaf teas, so you won't be using tea bags.  This was new to me, but I simply used my coffee maker to brew it.  I like being able to know (and see) what I am putting in my body.  You can actually see the lavender and other ingredients.  It smells amazing!


So even if your Mom (or whoever) isn't a tea drinker, she might just like this if she gives it a chance.  I am going to make up a nice Mother's Day basket for my Mom.  I'm putting Herbal Element Tea, a movie she loves, some lotions for her feet, and maybe some candy (she is crazy for candy!) into a basket.  I think she will really like receiving this for her gift.  I can bet the person you call “Mom” would probably enjoy this too.  Get creative and get her the things she absolutely loves!  Our Moms have done so much for us, don't you think we owe it to her to give her something she will really enjoy?  I do!


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