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Help Kids Learn to Cope with Obsessive Thoughts and Anxiety

Many people don’t realize that obsessive compulsive disorder can affect young children too. I know first hand. My son Liam started having obsessive thoughts between four and five years old. They increased as he got older. I have found a great book to help kids learn to cope with these thoughts and the anxiety that comes with them.

unraveling rose

Help Kids Learn to Cope with Obsessive Thoughts and Anxiety

Unraveling Rose by Brian Wray is geared towards kid around five and up. The story is designed to help parents, educators, even therapists, reach out to children and talk about what happens when obsessive thoughts take over your life. They can then go on to talk about what to do about it.

Rose is a stuffed bunny that absolutely adores the boy she lives with. She loves their adventures too. Her life with her boy is perfect until she discovers a loose thread on her arm. She tries very hard to ignore it, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t. Now she can’t stop pulling at it. Before long, all poor Rose can think about is that thread. Her arm starts to unravel, and stuffing starts to fall out. Now poor Rose can’t enjoy the fun things she used to with her boy. Can she find a way to forget about that thread and enjoy her life again?

rose rabbit

What we think

My son is eleven, but we just read Unraveling Rose. (He still loves picture books, and I happen to enjoy them as well.) Liam really related to Rose, and we had some good back and forth conversation about his own OCD. He then told me, “Mama. I want to take this book to Dr. King. She can have it for other kids like me.” Oh my heart. Dr. King is his psychiatrist, and she absolutely amazing. As is my son, because he wants to reach out to other kids with conditions like his. (Proud mama right here!)

cope with OCD anxiety

To get yourself, class, or patients a copy of Unraveling Rose, click here. Don’t forget to follow via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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