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Headphones That are Cozy, Cute, and Functional

    Ever try to fall asleep using headphones? I have. The ear buds make your ears and head ache, and there’s no way to get cozy and side sleep with them in. Which is exactly how CozyPhones™ was found.

Headphones that are cozy, cute, and functional

    CozyPhones were founded on the creators need for something that could be worn comfortably to sleep. He created a fleece headband with ear phones. They were a hit with so many people, that they started asking for different versions to be worn for yoga, or work outs and more. That’s when the Active CozyPhones were created.

Headphones that are Cozy

Contour Series

    Contour Series CozyPhones are made for sleep. They feature a cool mesh lining to keep you from sweating while wearing them. The ultra thin speakers make sleeping easier, and help them stay put even during tossing and turning. Worried about the cable kinking? Don’t. The braided cable will not tangle or kink.

    You can even use them as a sleep mask. Just simply pull them over your eyes to block out light, (the headphones will help to block out snoring,) and enjoy restful sleep night or day.


    These CozyPhones for made for those who lead an active lifestyle. Made from Lycra to be more comfortable, and to keep your head cool during workouts, you’re going to love these CozyPhones. They even come with a travel bag so you can toss them into your workout bag, backpack, or purse. 

Active Cozy CozyPhones


    The creators daughter has come up with some precious CozyPhones for kids. These adorable headband headphones come in cute little animals such as a Unicorn, WhatIf Monster, Cat, Dog, Fox, Purple Frog, Pink Bunny, and a Panda.

    Not only are kids CozyPhones cute, but their made to last too. They have a thirty-six inch braided cord, and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. They work with all standard headphone jacks, so they’ll fit your kids devices. Many Autism parents have spoken out about their love for CozyPhones. My son Liam who’s also on the spectrum agrees. He says they’re the “best ones” he’s ever had. 

Cozy headphones Autism

Road Trips

    Since it’s summer, many families are embarking on road trips. CozyPhones are a great way for your kids to stay entertained in the car. Give them each a tablet and a pair of CozyPhones, and enjoy some peace and quiet in the car. 

Visit CozyPhones HERE. Connect via Facebook and Instagram.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.