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Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

While it’s impossible to test drive every new product out there, some of this year’s most anticipated items that we simply can’t wait to get our hands on.

In this blog post, we’ll give you a sneak peek at the creme de la creme – the products topping our test bucket list for the year ahead.

Whether you’re a gearhead, tech-junkie, fitness enthusiast, or simply love trying the latest and greatest innovations, you’ll discover the coolest, most buzzworthy items we’ll be reviewing and putting through their paces this year.

Let’s dive in to our lineup of the hottest, most exciting new releases we can’t wait to take for a test drive!

Yoursy’s Love – Pure Essential Oil

A bottle of green essential oil, one of our new products, on a white background.

Escape into serenity with Yoursy’s harmonic blend of marjoram, petitgrain, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

As top notes of citrusy, woody marjoram tickle your senses, subtle undertones of floral, herbaceous petit grain embrace you in calm.

The Yoursy Love Pure Essential Oil is one selection you don’t want to pass up on.

Earthy, bittersweet ylang-ylang completes the trio, anchoring your mind and ushering in self-acceptance.

With each inhalation, feel tensions melt away, and clarity emerge. The Yoursy proprietary recipe promotes inner joy and liberation, empowering you to share your gifts with the world confidently.

Let this synergistic aroma open your heart to new possibilities. Yoursy can offer premium pure essential oil blends that smell amazing and can help improve your sleep, energy, focus, and more.


A fresh piece of bread is sitting in a bag on a table.

Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to fresh bread with Keeki Bags!

These 100% linen bread bags feature a beeswax lining that naturally preserves your bread’s softness and locks in moisture. The wide opening and drawstring closure make storing loaves a cinch.

No more wrestling with plastic wrap or bulky twist ties.

As an added bonus, a portion of each Keeki Bag sold goes to Ontario Nature’s Protect Pollinators charity, supporting vital bee habitats. So you can feel good knowing your choice helps the planet while keeping your bread fresher for longer.

Keeki Bags marry convenience with sustainability – the natural solution for bread storage from crust to crumb!

Peels Mats

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Introducing Peels Mats™ – a fusion of style and cleanliness inspired by the experience of pharmacists working in sterile environments.

Born out of the necessity for dust-free spaces, Peels Mats™ combines the functionality of traditional sticky mats with the aesthetic appeal of a regular doormat.

Place it in high-traffic doorways to effortlessly prevent dirt and contaminants from entering your home.

The Peelies™ peel-able sheets not only trap debris but also come with antimicrobial properties.

A labor of love, Peels Mats™ is an ongoing project, continually refined with feedback from customers who share a passion for a cleaner, more organized living space.

Goldilocks Cookies

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Treating yourself to a sweet treat has the power to bring great happiness and comfort!

Not at all related to the fairytale, although when you take a bite of Goldilocks‘ newest dessert—The Good Polvoron (similar to a shortbread cookie but way tastier) in which every bite is a burst of sunshine!—you’ll have a hard time believing it’s real!

What sets Goldilocks apart is that their Good Polvoron is the only one on the market that adds no artificial sweeteners, no added preservatives, zero trans fat, and contains granola and dried fruits (competitors typically make polvoron with just flour, milk, and butter).

Offered in two flavors, Oatrageous Pinacolada and Cranola Sunrise, it’s an ode to a carefree, happy lifestyle.

Goldilocks is the best-loved Filipino bakery worldwide and the #1 bakeshop in the Philippines.

Originally opening in 1966 in a small bakeshop in Pasong Tamo by sisters Milagros and Clarita, they launched a catering business three years later and expanded into the U.S. market in the 70s with its first store in Artesia, California.

Ban Antiperspirant Deodorant

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Breeze through your day feeling fresh with Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant.

This effective formula combats odor and wetness for 24 hours, so you can stay confident and comfortable no matter what your agenda entails.

The key is Kihada extract, which neutralizes bacteria that causes underarm odor.

Meanwhile, proven perspiration reducers significantly decrease underarm wetness. Unlike messy sticks, Ban’s quick-drying roll-on applicator glides on clear and stays clear.

No flaky white residue or sticky clumping. Just long-lasting protection that keeps you odor-free and dry throughout your daily adventures.

Ban Roll-On – start your morning routine with a refreshing dose of confidence that lasts.

MyKirei by KAO’s Soothing Peony Milky Lotion

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Reveal soft, smooth skin that feels uniquely nourished with our lightweight milky body lotion. This quickly-absorbed formula delivers lasting hydration without heaviness or residue.

The secret is our infusion of Peony Extract, which evokes the revered flower’s delicate beauty and inner strength.

We complement this gentle botanical with skin-pampering Rice Water, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nourishing Shea Butter rounds out the blend, leaving skin supple. Ideal for all skin types, our vegan lotion nurtures with 92% biodegradable ingredients.

Let the ethereal floral scent transport your senses as you transform dryness into comfort and touchable softness from head to toe.


Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Meet GadgetKlip – the clever solution for tidying up wires and cords invented by Michael and Sherryl. This simple yet genius product ‘hugs’ cables together without pinching like regular binder clips. The result? Tightly bundled wires with no more messy tangling.

GadgetKlip is revolutionizing organization in homes and offices worldwide. Use it to neatly manage computer cables, wrangle kitchen appliance cords, bundle holiday lights, and more.

Its versatile ‘hugging’ ability conquers life’s challenges, like unraveling headphones and unruly power strips.

While it started as Michael and Sherryl’s brainchild for reducing desktop clutter, GadgetKlip proved so handy it took off globally. Its smart pinch-free design keeps cables kink-free and neat.

Whatever your wire woes, this little lifesaver tackles cord chaos with a hug. GadgetKlip – the clutter-busting solution you didn’t know you needed.

FLUÈRE Spiced Cane

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Sip the rich, robust flavor of rum without the alcohol with FLUÈRE Spiced Cane Dark Roast.

Their pioneering hydrosteam distillation technique expertly captures the complex character of rum in an alcohol-free spirit. We use an innovative tunnel pasteurization during bottling for unparalleled 24-month shelf stability, locking in consistent taste and quality.

FLUÈRE Spiced Cane Dark Roast tantalizes the senses with luscious notes of chocolate and coffee layered with sweet Dominican sugar cane, tonka bean, and exotic spices.

Savor it solo over ice or use this rum alternative to craft zero-proof favorites like Cuba Libre, Mai Tai, or Mojito.

The rich complexity also shines in classic cocktails like a Rum-Fashioned or Daiquiri. For a flavorful twist, use FLUÈRE Spiced Cane as a smooth, alcohol-free base for an Espresso Martini.

With FLUÈRE, you can now enjoy the full-bodied flavor and versatility of rum anytime without compromising on taste with more additions, including FLUÈRE Smoked Agave, FLUÈRE BITTER, and FLUÈRE Raspberry.

Damak Virgin 0.0

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Meet the gin that keeps the flavor and loses the alcohol – Damrak Virgin 0.0!

Distilled from 10 hand-selected botanicals, this non-alcoholic spirit captures the complex citrus, herbal, and spice notes a great gin is known for.

hree types of zesty citrus mingle with fragrant lavender, spicy ginger, warm cinnamon, and traditional juniper berries. The result is a refreshing, smooth sipping experience that perfectly mimics the real thing.

With 0% alcohol, calories, and sugar, Damrak Virgin allows you to enjoy gin’s bold botanical flavors anytime. Sip solo or craft pitch-perfect non-alcoholic gin cocktails.

It’s ideal for designated drivers, health goals, sober, curious explorers, athleisure, and more.

Whether you’re going alcohol-free for Dry January, wellness, or simply moderation, Damrak Virgin 0.0 is the premium solution for zero-proof libations. Now you can still indulge in happy hour, without the next-day headaches. Raise your spirits without the spirits!

Made By Dentists

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Not a day goes by when we’re consuming something that we love. Especially the kids who often love to dive into a plethora of sweets and goodies.

This means its about that time to freshen up on your oral care. Made By Dentists, made by real dentists who double as sisters and moms, offers clinically proven oral care for all ages!

Even the little ones that are sure to protect your teeth!

Their high-quality toothpastes, brushes, whitening strips, and more, are all available at Target and cut out harmful ingredients that many other brands use.

This is your chance to make sure to stock up on all things teeth whitening, from Whitening Strips, Whitening Pens, and Whitening Powder to gear up your little one for those sweet shenanigans they will be diving into.

Oshin Oil

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Experience the nourishing benefits of Oshin Oil, a versatile blend of moringa oil that hydrates and replenishes hair, skin, and face.

The light, subtle fragrance is fresh and suited for all.

This multi-tasking oil can be used in numerous ways: as a facial serum to fight signs of aging, for slugging to deeply moisturize skin overnight, or to create a dewy glow under or over makeup.

Oshin Oil also works wonders as a body oil, after-sun treatment, hair oil before or after blow drying, scalp nourisher, and beard oil.

Discover the many uses of this antioxidant-rich oil blend.

Denman – D81M Style and Shine Brush

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

They say when you look good, you feel good!

Using the right products to help achieve your hair goals is key!

The D81M Brush is a versatile cushion brush that combines natural bristles and flexible nylon quills in an air-cushioned pad design to provide all-in-one hair care.

The natural bristles glide through strands, smoothing and polishing to impart beautiful shine and condition.

Meanwhile, the porcupine-effect nylon quills gently detangle and shape hair with their easy penetrating flex. The lightweight, balanced handle ensures comfort during styling. This brush excels at brushing out barrel curls for a softer, natural look and creating smooth updos.

It’s also ideal for delicate tasks like brushing wigs and extensions without snagging or breakage.

With its multi-pronged bristles and cushion pad, this brush effortlessly detangles, shapes, conditions, and adds gloss – all in one easy-to-use tool. An indispensable accessory for any hairstyling routine.

Creekside Mallow

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

If you’re a fan of tasty delicacies, then you’re in for a treat. Creekside Mallow is a charming small business specializing in handcrafted homemade marshmallows!

Offering core products like classic vanilla and creative seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice, this is a brand you don’t want to overlook.

They offer fun marshmallow shapes like mushrooms, fruit slices, and holiday-themed designs. Creekside Mallow uses all-natural ingredients and traditional small-batch techniques to produce gourmet marshmallows far superior to generic store-bought brands.

The website provides mouthwatering product descriptions that make you crave these artisanal sweets.

In addition to ordering marshmallows online, customers can find local pickup locations or sign up for their mallow of the month club.

Sol Soils

Handpicked Selection Of The Hottest New Products Out There

Gardening can turn into a challenge, but Sol Soils can help you even the playing field with their incredible products.

They offer a diverse selection of performance potting mixes, specialty soil components, and decorative soil toppers tailored for plants of all types.

These mixes are meticulously hand-blended with premium ingredients to create fast-draining soils with effective conditioners. This allows for increased time between waterings – reducing water usage and time spent on plant maintenance.

It’s a win-win solution that also safeguards against root rot, the leading cause of death for potted plants.

In fact, they carefully curate and combine the finest components to produce soils that optimize drainage, aeration, and conditioning – giving your plants the ideal environment to thrive with less effort on your part.

Whether you need a specialty mix, hard-to-find amendments, or stylish toppers, this extensive product line has you covered.

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