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Halloween Activities That Are Enriching, Not Traumatizing

These days, Halloween attractions tend to be more about the scare; how terrified can you make someone before they feel too uncomfortable to continue. Yet Halloween isn’t just about the jump scares the gore and trying to horrify, especially when you have a young family. You want Halloween to be an interesting, enriching event, one of your children can learn new knowledge about the holiday, why it’s celebrated and its place in history. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to throw spooky things to the wind, it's about finding the balance and showing your children this holiday is one to enjoy, rather than dread. 

Halloween Walking Tours

Walking tours are growing in popularity as they encourage people to get up off the sofa and get moving, and most importantly get learning! With opportunities to learn about anything on a themed walk, there are plenty of Halloween themed options too, from ghost walks that retell the local history to a Jack the Ripper walking tour that takes attendees into the actual areas the Victorian serial killer used to stalk! You won’t get anybody leaping out at you, but you will learn more about old-time London and the threats everyday people used to face, not least, the identity-less killer and what allowed him to get away with his heinous acts. Want to book yourself on an informative, spine-chilling Jack the Ripper walk? Click here for more information and find out more today. 

Halloween Crafts

Crafting and getting busy with your hands is a fantastic way to have fun on a holiday, no matter the occasion! Pumpkin carving and autumn-themed wreaths are a wonderful, messy way to spend an afternoon and there is some education to be had too! Hunting around for bits and bobs outside for the wreath, everything from different colored leaves, sticks, acorns, and nuts to pinecones, seeds and even small gourds or pumpkins. Why not put together an autumn-finders book with all the major tree names and spaces to keep pretty items that are found throughout fall. Go that extra mile and turn your scavenger book into an autumn journal, keeping track of all the wonderful things you and your family have got up to during the changeover season. 

Pumpkin carving is a great family activity and there are plenty of creative ways to make your pumpkin stand out from the rest. Look for inspiration across Pinterest boards or Instagram and get your kids involved in drawing the stencil onto your pumpkin and scooping all the messy insides out! There is great fun to be had.

Cultural Halloween

Did you know that Halloween is a near-global event? The holiday is celebrated all around the world, in some shape or form – it’s not all trick or treating and cheap horror movies! For instance, probably the most well-known celebration around the world (next to the western traditions) is Día de los Muertos, celebrated in Mexico and roughly translated as “the Day of the Dead”. This holiday is meant to celebrate those who came before, deceased relatives and loved ones who are no longer amongst the living. This is a beautiful celebration with plenty of lights, music, and food and is a day dedicated to the memories of family members and friends. It is less about the fear of the beyond but instead being at peace with what comes afterlife and celebrating those who came before you.

There are similar celebrations throughout many cultures around this time of year, if you want your kids to understand the holiday and its importance around the world, consider exploring these celebrations in your local community or as a family. 

This Halloween leaves the gory movies and jump-scare activities and embraces a different side to the holiday. One that involves learning and enrichment and understand why it is this holiday holds so dearly to so many different cultures around the world. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.