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Guide To Make DIY Craft Videos In A Minute

DIY gift crafting is a trending topic these days. As per the Google Keyword Planner, “DIY Crafts” was a term searched for an average of 60,500 times every month in the past year. 

Today, many artists use their skills like knitting, card making, and painting to start a lucrative business.

Once you have an art business, sharing your art online helps the business grow. And what better way of doing this than creating DIY craft videos?

5-Minute Crafts has a YouTube Channel with 5170 DIY craft videos, 75.8 million subscribers and 22.8 billion views. Amazing, right? 

But reaching this milestone is not easy. First, understand what it means to make DIY craft videos; learn what worked for the successful creators and how to monetize on different social media platforms.

Guide To Make DIY Craft Videos In A Minute

Without further ado, here is the guide to make DIY craft videos:

The Equipment You Need

Having different tools to create good-quality DIY craft videos is a must. Go for the right camera as different cameras offer different video quality.

Research thoroughly for the right camera. You can use the one you already have or borrow one from your friend in the beginning.

Make a few videos with an existing camera to get a better idea of your requirements and then you can purchase a new one.

Also, consider the lighting equipment because the wrong choice of lighting can make your video dull and distract the viewers.

Excessive lighting will wash out the details of your video, while insufficient light can confuse the viewers. The best is to go for natural light.

The camera will already have an in-built microphone, but you might not like its sound quality. Therefore, it is better to get a separate microphone for better sound quality.

Set the Right Stage

There are different stages of making a DIY craft video. Choose the one that delivers exactly what you want to portray on screen.

For example, if you make a video on using a knitting loom, make sure all the steps are clear to the audience.

Conversely, if you are making a video on mixing colours, try making the props larger so that the audiences can see the minutest details easily.

The perfect stage for your DIY craft video can be anything. It can be a piece of paper and paintbrush or your art studio with a beautiful background.

Try running a few test shots to determine how the stage works. Keeping it simple and uncluttered is the key.

Understand the Camera Set-Up

What is the right way of setting up the camera for recording yourself drawing, painting, or crafting? Is filming on the floor better or on a table?

Where do you place the camera – beside you or in front? Understanding all these is vital before starting with craft videos.

Also, to give your video a static structure, use a tripod. Try a few DIY ways of recording a crafting video from above, like balancing the camera on books or boxes. 

Choose the Right Video Editing Tool

Editing is important to give your DIY craft video a polished appearance and for that choosing a good quality free editing software is a must.

Editing involves breaking up one long visual segment to include scanned images and close-ups to deliver your message properly.

If you are a beginner at making DIY craft videos, go for a simple and easy-to-use video editing tool to remove unwanted sections of a video.

Also, it helps in giving some good finishing touches such as end credits, audio, music, titles, and transitions.

Pay Attention to Voice-Overs and Audio

You can write down all the instructions in the description. Viewers appreciate hearing them from you besides watching and reading the captions.

Thus, use the chosen video editing tool for recording a voice-over on your video.

Always pick a quiet place for recording your video to minimise background noise and echo in the voice-over.

Make your DIY craft video exclusive by choosing awesome music.

Sweet tunes are great at adding a special final touch, while good quality tracks cultivate an inspiring and joyful environment for the viewers.

Remember to keep the music relevant to the ideas for DIY décor craft videos to build and enhance viewership.

Regardless of whether you are making a YouTube video, Instagram reel or even embedding videos in your business site, make sure you have a voice-over or relevant music playing in the video.

Guide To Make DIY Craft Videos In A Minute

Consider the Backdrop

Since you are an artist, choosing interesting and neutral backgrounds for your DIY craft videos is crucial to keep the viewers glued.

So, opt for large tiles or a good quality craft mat to give your videos a consistent appearance.

Market Your DIY Craft Videos Right to Grab Buyers

Create your DIY craft videos and then upload them on some of the most popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You can also market them on sites that only serve as social networks for artists. These sites allow users to publish DIY craft videos to their collection.

The process is super-handy because the sites have already done the hard work of building search engine rankings and gathering a target audience.

Using other popular marketing channels like email marketing for promoting your video is wise.

By doing so, you can lead those 60,500 individuals searching for “DIY crafts” back to your shop or site to get more information about you and your products.


Making, publishing, and marketing DIY craft videos is an innovative way of attracting the attention of your targeted customers.

One of the best things about creating such videos is to get qualified leads.

People watching the videos have already shown interest in your craft, and thus they have higher chances of buying from you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.