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Growing Cannabis: Your New Quarantine Hobby?

The pandemic has changed lots in the daily lives of many.

People stopped working in offices and moved to their home offices. Besides, people lost their jobs or are waiting to start again.

These are exceptional times, unlike any we have experienced before. Interestingly, everyone is using a different approach to getting along with the situation.

Some people make themselves comfy and watch a series or two after work, relaxing on the couch.

Others try to create new habits, moving into unexplored domains or read a book genre they are unfamiliar with.

Growing Cannabis: Your New Quarantine Hobby?

There is no right or wrong in this. What is interesting though, is some exceptional hobbies we came across.

For example, purchasing cannabis seeds and start to grow your own weed!

How to grow your own weed

Purchasing weed can be quite a hassle, let alone the quality you will receive.

How can you know that you receive a quality product? You do not know where it is produced and under which circumstances.

Did they use pesticides? Were there any artificial growth addivities?

Valid questions and checks that would happen before a product lands in the supermarket.

Unfortunately, this does not hold true for weed. It can be a highly unreliable product.

Selecting the cannabis seeds

Purchasing your own cannabis seeds, on the other hand, opens doors. Now you have the power in your own hands.

Making a quality product is up to you. It starts with your decision for the right seeds.

There are many seed types out there. When you want to start, it makes sense to go for an accessible set of seeds.

For example, some seeds can grow in indoor temperatures. Plants that have this capability are easier to grow, as no complex equipment is needed.

You are not alone

If you are interested to start growing cannabis, you are not alone.

There are many people around the globe pursuing the same goal: making the best cannabis.

This means that there are many websites, social media accounts, and applications that you can leverage.

Some of the applications also offer you the possibility to share progress with friends.

We are not saying it needs to be a competition, but keeping each other up-to-date is always nice!

Growing Cannabis: Your New Quarantine Hobby?

Purchasing seeds on the Internet

Purchasing seeds can be done through the Internet.

With many vendors on the market, you can get lost in their assortments and the thousands of options.

How do you select the seeds that suit you? First of all, it is important to select a reliable company.

One of the leaders in the UK is RoyalQueenSeeds. This is a company with over a dozen years of experience and a broad assortment.

They have special seeds that are suitable for starters and also for advanced growers. Ready to take up the challenge?

Start growing and start the progress with other enthusiasts in these challenging COVID-1

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.