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Great Smelling Gifts From Whiffer Sniffers

Great Smelling Gifts From Whiffer Sniffers

When I first heard about Whiffer Sniffers, I had no idea what they were.  I assumed they had some kind of smells, but not sure what.  Fast forward to opening the box, and all I saw were the cutest little stuffed, soft, great smelling personalities looking right at me.  I didn't even have to open them and already I could smell chocolate, strawberry, and a Boston cream donut.  Yum!  They smelled so good that my poor dog wanted to eat them.


These cute little personalities come with the best names too.  I received Phil O'Jelly Super Sniffer, Shirley Sweet Super Sniffer, and the small backpack clip, and Larry Lovett Backpack Clip.   The “Super Sniffers” are bigger than the backpack clips.  Phil O'Jelly smells like strawberry jelly and a donut.  Shirley Sweet smells like a chocolate cupcake (by far my favorite), and Larry Lovett smells like a Boston cream donut.  I was in heaven!


The backpack clips can be used on backpacks (obviously), you can hang them on your rearview mirror in the car, clip them on a lunch bag, purse, or any kind of bag.  Kids can also trade with their friends, or keep and collect them all.  My granddaughter loved the ones I received.  She immediately said she was going to sleep with the bigger ones.  I asked her what she liked and didn't like about them.  Her answer was she liked how soft and good smelling they were, but sometimes the smell was overwhelming.  I disagree.  I was even thinking that if you have a small room (like a bathroom), you could use one to make it smell nice.  It would even be cute sitting on your toilet or a shelf.


Whiffer Sniffers offer tons of different plush characters to choose from.  When I say tons, I mean it!   If you want to give a unique, strange Valentine's gift to someone, look no further.  Adults would love the weird, cuteness of them, and kids just love the size and smell.   Kids will also love being able to take them along on their bags to show off to friends.  Like I said before, they can even trade each other.


So if you have a special someone you want to surprise, get them some “sweet” Whiffer Sniffers.  It is a gift they won't be expecting.  As the company says “everything else just stinks!”.  You gotta love it.

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