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How To Make Christmas Cards and Printables With GraphicStock



Do you like to get CREATIVE or maybe you have a hard time getting creative during the holidays?  I know I sometimes do.  This year I want to make my cards and printables to decorate the house with but how in the heck do I do that!  I have the opportunity to work with GraphicStock which is an affordable, subscription-based stock media site that gives you unlimited access to stock graphics, vectors, infographics and much more. 

I now have a place I can go to get pictures for my projects I want to do for the Holiday.  GraphicStock gives their members royalty-free access to their  library of 250,000 graphics, images, vectors, and icons. Everything you download from the site is 100% royalty-free and you and maintain usage rights forever. 

Super easy to use too, just sign-up and search for the graphics you are looking for then download. If you are lacking the creative flow, then you can download images that are pre-made and work with images all ready to print out.  My daughter wanted to color a Christmas tree so we found a cool one and I added some words and BAM she had a Coloring Page.  Super simple to do too! 

How to make a Printable:

  1. Go to GraphicStock (not a member try 7-Day Free Trial )
  2. Download the graphic you want 
  3. Go to or
  4. Upload the Graphic and then add words 
  5. Save as a PDF 
  6. Print PDF 

Coloring Page I made for my daughter:

happyGraphicStock is a MUST!  You need to try it out and let me tell you it is so worth the price.  As a blogger, we are always trying to find the right picture for our blog story and GraphicStock is the answer.  No more scrolling for FREE pictures that aren’t exactly what we want but it is what we can find.  Don’t believe me sign up for the 7-day free trial that will give you access to all of the images on GraphicStock. From there you can create your holiday printables and digital projects to share with your audiences as well!

Here is a video on how I made these:

Benefits of GraphicStock:

Great Value with the Unlimited Download Model
• Unlimited downloads to the library of 250,000 graphics, images, vectors, icons, and more
• On average subscribers pay less than a dollar per download over the course of a year

Premium Content
• Same content you would find on more expensive stock sites
• Continuously adding new content to the library, so it stays fresh

Simple, Unrestricted Licensing
• Everything is 100% royalty-free
• Unrestricted usage rights for personal or commercial projects
• Keep what you download and maintain usage rights forever


Sign up for the 7-Day Free Trial- HERE 

With the 7 day trial there is no commitment, BUT if you don’t want to use it past the free trial, please cancel your subscription. 

For our READERS I made a Snowman Printable that you are more than welcome to print out and use!  Click on the picture, and it will take you to PRINT. 

SnowMan Free Printable

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.