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Wine & Canvas at HOME – Gifted Custom Art

Bring the fun and flair of wine & canvas straight to the comfort of your home.


gifted-custom-artDo you want a unique gift to give to someone this year that you MAKE?  Gifted Custom Art has your back- you upload a picture, they put it on canvas with numbers, they send back to you and BAM you now have a portrait YOU can paint by number.  They send the painting, paint (in the colors you picked) and brushes!  

I've been on my husband for months to go to a Paint and Wine event, but he just wasn't into it…that's a girly thing he said.  Painting while sipping your pinot is all the rage. But why drive 30 minutes to paint a picture with no sentimental value – like a run-of-the-mill fruit bowl or vase – when you could paint someone or something you love.

Gifted Custom Art enables you to upload any photo—whether it’s an old family portrait, a snapshot of Fido or a vacation “selfie”—and turn it into a paint-by-numbers outline printed on a 16”x 20” gallery wrapped canvas. Gifted Custom Art kits come with everything you need (paint, brushes, easel) to create a beautiful piece of custom art.

Not an artist? Don’t worry. Gifted Custom Art’s paint-by-numbers canvases make it easy for kids and adults of all ages turn cherished photos into timeless masterpieces.

Whether you surprise a family member with the whole kit or use the completed project as the gift, Gifted Custom Art adds the personalized touch that everyone desires and deserves in the present. 

My mom goes to a cafe once a month, and she paints while she sips wine.   Now that sounds FUN but why not try this at home with your loved one!  Make a date night with painting and wine (or whiskey for my husband.) 

  1. First, get the kids OUT of the house!  Mine are older so that is simple- GRANDMA!
  2. Set up the PAINT AREA.
  3. Set up the DRINKS
  4. and now GET YOUR PAINT ON! 

Wine & Canvas at HOME - Gifted Custom Art

My husband appreciated the work I put in by surprising him with this DATE NIGHT and enjoyed spending time with me at home.  Plus he liked he didn't have to drive home after drinking.  I've been on him about taking me out to one of these WINE and PAINT classes, but he doesn't like to drive when he has been driving.  I don't blame him one bit.  

Now we didn't finish the painting BUT we will on our next date night.  I love that is a color theme and because it looks so cool with all the different shades of blue! Paint by number is so easy too! 

This will make a WONDERFUL GIFT for the inspiring artist! 

This was our last date night, so this is the picture I used! 

Make sure when choosing your photo, select one that is:

  • Of only 1-2 subjects (we strongly suggest first-time painters choose a photo of a single person)
  • Hi-resolution (not grainy)
  • Clear, bright, and in focus
  • Close-up and not too detailed

The process is super simple!

  • Step 1: Upload your image.
  • Step 2: Select your color palette.
  • Step 3: Place order

Do you know someone who would LOVE a Gifted Custom Art portrait to paint themselves then please share this post or ORDER one today for them- GREAT GIFT! 


Wine & Canvas at HOME - Gifted Custom Art

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.