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Gift Ideas For Long Term Couples

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After a few years of a relationship, it is normal to run out of good gift ideas for your partner, whether it is to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion.

So here are a few ideas for ‘gifts for him’ as well as ‘gifts for her’.

Gift guide for him

  1. BBQ

The gift of a BBQ is the gift of a BBQ and all the future experiences to be had around it. A BBQ is the outside kitchen, also known as the heart of the home. It is a practical gift, but also one that he can get excited about!

  1. Shaving Tools

Shaving tools are a classic ‘gift for him’ because a nice set of shaving tools can make all the difference. It also gives your guy the gift of a more luxury self-care experience!

  1. Updated (quality) basics. Basic and classic items can really make a difference in your wardrobe. Some basics, such as t-shirts, are essential for any wardrobe. If your partner normally shops in mainstream retail stores, gifting him a high-end t-shirt could be a great idea to surprise him with. Online there are a lot of great websites where you can find great deals, for example Luisaviaroma carries a lot of brands and there you can even find Dsquared2 shirts that are super trendy right now.
  1. An experience

Does he like a particular sports team? The opera? A movie? Has he always wanted to travel to a certain destination (either local or international)? Physical gifts can be difficult to think of (and they can take up space), but an experience is something to remember forever.

  1. Encouragement to start the ‘it would be so fun…’ activity

How many times have you heard him say ‘it would be so fun to try this?’ or ‘I miss playing this X’. Take note of these lines that he drops throughout the year and gift him with an item, a lesson or an experience that helps to make him make that first step. This is also a sweet way that shows that you care and that you really listen!

How to get out of a gift idea rut:

Gift guide for her

  1. An experience

Especially and continued after a few years together, it is important to continue to create new memories and share experiences together. So for her gift, consider gifting her an experience that she has been wanting to. Bonus if its something you have been more hesitant to do but would be willing to show you will make the effort for her!

  1. Candles and/or diffuser with essential oils

Candles and essential oils both set a relaxing ambiance. You can have with candles, selecting her favorite scent as well as a seasonal one. A diffuser is also a wonderful gift, as essential oils both smell great and also have health benefits.

  1. Framed photo

A framed photo from a special day or a collection of memories of your time together is a touching gift that she will always remember.

  1. Day at the spa

No matter how many times you have gifted a day at the spa for her, it will always be appreciated. A day of pampering and relaxation is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion.. bonus if you can book a couples massage. If you want to gift a day at the spa but aren’t a fan of going yourself, gifting it for her birthday where she can go with a family member or friend is a wonderful treat that would work for the both of you.

  1. A new staple item for her wardrobe

If your partner is into fashion, a new quality item for her wardrobe is a thoughtful gift. Be sure to pay attention to what she points to as you window shop, and don’t hesitate to ask her friends or family for help!

How to get out of a gift idea rut: Pay attention to the little things and what she has taken recent interests in. Has she been saying her workbag is hurting her shoulder? Gift her with a stylish backpack. Has she been taking more time for at-home spa experiences? Gift her with a luxurious product that will make it that much more special. Has she been into yoga lately? Gift her with a few one-on-one sessions or some new yoga clothes that can boost her confidence.

What are some of your go-to or creative gift ideas that your partner has enjoyed?

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