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Gift Them Charm Without The Harm

If you’re looking for a stand out gift for someone’s home this holiday season, check out Wall Charmers. Their faux taxidermy offers all the charm without the harm.

Gift Them Charm Without The Harm

Wall Charmers has a full selection of faux taxidermy decorations. They’re chic, “on fleek,” and best of all, no harm was done to any animals.  Hence the charm without harm! Each one is custom made, and hand painted according to what you choose. The resin animal heads are cast in eco-friendly polyresin, which gives it low environmental impact.

Charm without harm wall mount


Choose from plain white or customize

You can choose a white faux head from Wall Charmers, or you can customize it. They have twenty-one different colors. They even have some that are metallic. Each one is fairly lightweight so it won’t put a strain on your walls. They even have a keyhole in the back to hang it. If you choose an animal with antlers, they come off of the heads, to make shipping easier. Simply add some super glue, and attach them in the holes. They’re beautiful!

charm colors


I chose a plain white stag for my husband. It’s beautiful. I have no issues with hunting if the meat is used for food, but I really don’t care to have a dead animal head on my home. My husband however loves this. So this stag head from Wall Charmers was the perfect compromise.

So many to choose from

They have the traditional deer, bison, bear, wolves and more. Wall Charmers has dinosaurs, unicorns, and even sharks! You can choose from North American animals, or those that you would find on a safari. (My son saw the zebra and insists on one for his room next.) The options are endless. They are all truly beautiful and unique.

For the wine drinkers

Wall Charmers even has wine bottle holders. I found a German Shepherd one, and I told my husband it better find it’s way under our tree! They have kitty cats, other dogs, and even a unicorn. These would be an exceptional for the wine lovers on your list.

charm wine holder


To see everything they have, head to Wall Charmers. You can also follow them via Facebook and Instagram.


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Kerry G

Friday 27th of October 2017

Love this so much! Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy is so cute!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.