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Get Your Kitchen Up-To-Date with These Upgrades

Get Your Kitchen Up-To-Date with These Upgrades

Your kitchen, it’s probably the most visited area in the house, yet very easy to ignore, and make do with what’s available. However, here is the thing; you do not need to invest a lot to give this critical room a fabulous face-lift; you just need to be creative.

Here are some simple creative upgrades that can make a big difference in the look and the utility of your kitchen.

Upgrade your Cabinets

You can update your kitchen cabinet with just a few dollars. They may not be as bad as you think, so you sand the wood or Formica of the past and paint white for the clean cabinet to create a neutral backdrop. White cabinets are what most people are expecting to see in the modern kitchen. If you can’t bring old cabinet to life with light colors, consider going for White Diamond Kitchen Cabinets in Orange County, CA. The industry is trending with bright colors, so, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a cabinet that is display worthy.

Add a fresh coat of paint

If there is one room that homeowners forget to paint, it’s the kitchen room. You don’t have to paint the kitchen cabinet, although it can make a huge difference, it might not be that easy, so why not consider painting something else. Perhaps remove that outdated wallpaper and paint the wall with a warm white color to gives the space a new fresh look. Paint is affordable nowadays, and it’s an easy fix that will surely brighten up your kitchen space.

Add some wallpaper

You will find lots of peels-and-stick wallpapers out there, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something that will be perfect for your space. Whether you fancy dark or dramatic with nice patterns or want to inject some sparkle with a metallic option, the choice is all yours.

Look for budget countertops

Most kitchen remodels often requires an upscale countertop, so you will surely save on this expense by shopping around. You may need to replace the old countertop with stone or granite countertops. Granite countertops are much cheaper, but they can make quite a huge difference to your kitchen. Of course, the right countertops will depend on the existing cabinet, and the style, so it keeps your mind open to different material and set up prices.

Play with lighting fixtures

Light fixtures play a huge role in how welcoming your kitchen will feel, which is why you should always go for warm lighting. Don’t go for dim lighting; swap them with light switch panel that matches the room hardware and the feel of the kitchen. You can add the lighting without messing with all the other stuff; you need to be creative.

Colorful and small appliances

Most appliances in the kitchen are like throw pillows, but more useful, so, always upgrade your appliances to make your kitchen feel newer. Avoid fancy brands, go with average appliances that make an impact.

Kitchen upgrade is not as expensive or as hard as you think. With these affordable upgrades, you can create a space that looks like a new kitchen ultimately increasing your home value. If you want to create a lively appearance, you may also consider adding a backsplash.

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Afton Jackson

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

My brother has decided to do some remodeling to his beach house after a year of letting us spend our vacations in it and I want to be in charge of the kitchen. I really appreciated it when you noted different ways of adding lighting to a kitchen remodel while still keeping a stylish design because our beach house is used by a lot of us in the family including some of the elderly members who have less vision than before, so being considerate enough to add more lighting will definitely help them enjoy the kitchen. I'll be sure to take all your tips into account when I help my brother find a kitchen renovation contractor for his beach house. Thank you!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.