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Get Summer Ready With Ola After Sun Lotion And Hothead’s Mini Brush

Get Summer Ready With Ola After Sun Lotion and Hothead’s Mini Brush

You’ve spent the day on the beach and now you are ready to go out on the town. Ola After Sun Lotion helps to soothe sun touched skin while Hothead’s Mini Brush is a perfect to-go size brush for your bag. Your skin can be nourished and your hair good to go in just seconds. Get summer ready with Ola After Sun Lotion and Hothead’s Mini Brush.

Ola After Sun Lotion and Hotheads Mini G brush

Ola After Sun Lotion and Hotheads Mini G

About Ola

In 2005 Robin Williams and her husband Chris Rooke founded the Hawaiian Body Products on the Big Island of Hawaii. They follow a environmentally conscious business plan that works to help preserve land and works with the people and culture around them. Using plant synergy, they’ve created a product that nourishes your skin with the natural ingredients from Hawaii’s volcanic land which is rich in nutrients and minerals.

With all products being local and organic, you can find locally grown products to Hawaii in the skin care line that Ola produces. Ingredients such as Hawaiian salt, honey and tropical oils help to produce anti-aging properties in their products.

Ola After Sun Lotion

Ola After Sun Lotion is used to provide a natural way for customers to treat over-exposure of the sun. It repairs and hydrates skin with powerful ingredients such as aloe vera, Noni Fruit Cell, Tamanu oil and coconut water. This product is to be used immediately after sun exposure or to help relieve exposure from insect bites. Application is to be continued until symptoms go away.

Hot Head’s Mini Brush

Hothead’s Mini Brush has double tipped, rounded ends that help lift roots to expose them to apply dry shampoo or other product. The design of the Mini G1 helps to reach through deep in thick hair and leave a smooth, frizz-less shine. This brush is perfect after your day on the beach to help remove debri or to get that slick style as you head out for the night. It is compact so it fits easily into most bags, especially your beach bag!

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