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Get Your Game On This Holiday

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Get your game on this holiday season! Many of us travel for Turkey Day, Christmas, or Hanukkah. In that case, we need ways to keep our kids as well as ourselves occupied. Of course tablets and phones are the first go to. But let’s cut back on screen time, and stash those devices. Instead, lets try some classic games that will keeps hands and minds busy and happy.

game 1

Get Your Game On This Holiday

Today I want to tell you about some really fun games from Winning Moves Games. They’re classic, and updated, and sure to keep you and the kids occupied while traveling. They’re so much fun, I’m sure they’ll be playing them even at your destination.

Rubik’s® Junior Bear

The Rubik’s cube we grew up have grown up too. It also started having a family of it’s own. ;) As you can see, Rubik’s Junior Bear is a Rubik’s cube designed for little hands and learning brains. It’s shaped like an adorable bear, which makes it not only precious, but easier for small hands to grasp. This Rubik’s is the perfect training cube, and kids are going to love it!

Game 3

Come on Baby, Let’s Do the Twist!

Now you’ll have that classic in your head all day. You’re welcome! In the spirit of Chubby Checker, I want to tell you about Rubik’s Twist. This all new Rubik’s puzzle is a blast. Like its name suggests, it’s a twist on the old. Players can create and solve various new puzzles and shapes.

As an autism mom, I love this one. It serves not only as a way to occupy someone, but also as a sensory toy. It’s a brain teasing fidget that is sure to keep youngsters happy. Also, it’s not large in size so it fits perfectly into purses, backpacks, and even carry on bags.

game 2

Because Classic Never Goes Out of Style

Crocodile Dentist is a classic that never gets old. I chose this one because not only is it fun for all ages, but it’s an all in one game, with no loose pieces. That makes it wonderful for travel, as well as little ones. I keep one in the car, and it’s great for passing time while waiting on my son’s therapy appointments.

Winning Moves Games is our go to for family fun. Check them out! Follow via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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