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Gain Total Control for A Deeper Clean

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Neato. All opinions are 100% my own.

Every day presents an opportunity to take a close look at your home and think about giving it a nice refresher.

Let's be honest here, you can never go wrong with getting some cleaning done.

Gain Total Control for A Deeper Clean

Giving your home a nice deep cleaning is indeed something that just shouldn't be overlooked. That means getting into those nooks and crannies that most of us neglect at first.

Living in a clean-living space can really support your well-being and health.

While that may be true, think about this. What about when you are occupied or are away from home? It would be nice to have some help in the house when you don't have an extra pair of hands.

With that in mind, have you considered the Neato D8?

Why Consider A Robot Vacuum?

Having a robot vacuum in your home can be beneficial in more ways than one. With the Neato D8, your home will be in good hands! This isn't just your average robot vacuum either.

Now the Neato is a premium robot vacuum capable of getting the job done.

Like its past products, it's designed with the signature Neato quality and D-shape.

Using LaserSmart navigation, the Neato D8 cleans with precision, even in the dark like those hard-to-reach places under furniture. We are talking about a robot vacuum that can clean for you when you want and wherever you want.


Not to mention that it can reach areas that most round robot vacuums can't. After all, dealing with those specific areas can be quite irritating.

At first sight, this vacuum looks like it could be just what you need. But what if I told you that there's something else to look forward to.

Not only has the product been upgraded, but so has your overall experience.

The MyNeato App has been completely revamped.

What To Expect From The New MyNeato App

Thanks to the revamped app, keeping your home clean just became 10x easier than ever before.

From the hassle-free, Bluetooth-enabled setup to the in-app customer care, you'll be cleaning in minutes with confidence!

Having the MyNeato App by your side will make things much simpler for you.

With the MyNeato app, customize your Neato robot vacuum to fit your everyday cleaning needs and control your home cleaning from anywhere.

You don't have to worry about the lack of features, there are plenty to go around!

Here are some of the features that you'll have to experience:

  • Start, stop or pause cleaning
  • Receive notifications about the status of your Neato
  • Schedule regular cleaning routines to fit your lifestyle
  • Access a cleaning summary that shows where your Neato has cleaned
  • Select Eco or Turbo cleaning modes
  • Set up Virtual No-Go Zones to direct your Neato where not to go

The MyNeato App is going to be your bread and butter in terms of using your Neato D8. It's easy to work no matter where you are. Think of it as an assistant for controlling your assistant.

Overall, you are looking at the go-to dream team when it comes to keeping your living space clean.

Smarter, powerful, and hassle-free.

What more could you possibly ask for in such an option? The choice you have to make is pretty clear if I had to say so myself.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.