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Fun and Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

    Mother’s Day is almost here which means that Father’s Day is right around the corner. It’s never too early to start looking for the perfect gift. Dad’s can be hard to buy for, but today I have two ideas that will be perfect for the “geeky” dad on your list. 

Fun and Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts

    I have turned my husband into a geek. Our son has helped. The more Liam got interested in all of the mythical, super hero, and wizardry things that I love so much, the more my husband got into them as well. For Father’s Day, Liam has chosen two really cool gifts for his (now) geeky daddy. So if your husband, or your dad is a geek, we think they’ll love these too!

Fantastic Father's Day gifts

Grab Your Second Breakfast, and Sit Down to The Battles of Tolkien

    Unless you’re Smeagol, you have to love the hobbits. I was first introduced to Tolkien’s hobbits when I was in the third grade, and I was hooked. While I could never get my husband to read to the books, he watched, and loved every movie. However, this new book by David Day is perfect for my husband. Unlike Tolkien’s works, this book is more concise, and it’s actually a study by the author, whom is a Tolkien scholar. In this book Day recounts Tolkien’s great conflicts, and discusses how the people, weapons, and tactics influenced the outcomes. This leather back book is gorgeous. As a book lover it immediately caught my eye. My son is enthralled with the images inside and can’t wait to pore over it with his father. If your father is a fan of Middle Earth, then we think he’ll love The Battles of Tolkien.

Fantastic Father's

Get Ready for the Guardians with with this Fantastic Book

    Has dad seen the new movie yet? We’re headed to watch it tomorrow, and are so excited. Liam is especially excited because the other gift he’s giving to daddy is Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy 1000 Dot to Dot book. This isn’t your typical dot to dot. It contains twenty complex puzzles with over a thousand dots EACH! When dad’s done with the puzzles, you can sit down and color them with him. To get your dad a copy, click here. (I promise, this book is amazing and we can’t wait to do these with dad.)

Fantastic Father's Day guardians of the galaxy

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