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Fun Activities For Children On Rainy Days

Fun Activities For Children On Rainy Days

It’s raining, it’s pouring, is the day going to be boring? Well, it won’t if you read on…

It can be tough to entertain children indoors all afternoon, especially if you’re so tired or coming home after a long day of work. If your children are active and think your closets are monkey bars it can be increasingly tough to have them cooped up all day. Here are a few fun activities you can do with your kids to keep them busy and you happy.


Take out some old clothing and tell your kids to make you a skit or play. If you or your husband are a nurse or doctor, then let them make a hospital play. You can give them some of your old men’s scrub pants or old stethoscopes. If you’re a teacher, you can give them some of your old school teaching supplies. You can start them off with some script ideas, but most kids like to use their imagination to make the most adorable skit. Let them practice and help them with props. Then, let them perform and you just get to sit down and watch!


You might be thinking that I am crazy to suggest this, but it can be an awesome activity to do with children. Choose a simple one bowl cookie recipe. Put the bowl on a low table that your kids can see what is going on. Wash your kid’s hands with soap and let each one of your children take turns putting one ingredient in so they feel involved. Once the dough is formed you can give each kid a piece of parchment paper and a chunk of dough. Put some cookie shapers, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and some other toping in the middle and let them create their own creative cookies. Bake and have them as a delicious dessert after supper!

Guess what?

This is my favorite game! All you need is a blindfold and some random foods. Have one kid blindfolded and one kid gets to take random food and put it on a spoon or fork. Have the blindfolded child guess what he is eating! This is so hysterical to play and can keep the children entertained for hours. For more variation, you can take marshmallow fluff and stick a few chocolate chips in it, and the child has to taste/feel how many he is eating. You can also take two similar food and have them guess which one is which or what flavor is what.


Need to let out some of your children’s energy? Turn on the music blasting and just dance! You can makeup dance moves to a specific song and teach it to them or let them come up with their own. If you would like you can even create your very own music video! You can invest in a disco speaker where the disco lights change to the beat of the music. Watch your children move into a world of their own and dance their hearts out!

So now that you read this, I am sure you’re super excited about these activities and are looking forward to seeing the weather forecast say: rain. Good luck!

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