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Fuel Up For School- Power and Coffee

Need Fuel

It’s that time of year that the kids are back in school and everyone is dragging! Why do school and life suck all our energy out?  My kids have been complaining about their focus at school and so tired after school.  Soda is not in our house, and I ask the kids not to buy soda but they are kids, and they do.  So I needed to get them something that would help them get through the day at school or after their soccer practice to fuel up.

What about ME…I need fuel too.  Don’t we all?  I also added below a coffee drink that you need to get a hold of just because it is so darn good.

K+ Organics

K+ Organics, the sports drink designed with the physiology of a young athlete in mind, in your back to school gift guide this season! Don’t you just want to give your kids something good to drink after their sports practice or even just after school?   K+ Organics are filled with flavor but not all that junk that other drinks have in them.

Four flavors: Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Lime, and Orange.

Back side of the K+ OrganicK+ Organics wants to create healthy fuel for active families, empowering all generations to live happy and healthier lives. Moms created this drink so you know it is worth checking out so please go HERE to see where you can get you some K+Organics drinks.

The kids loved the flavors, and since they are gone, I need to restock.  K+ Organics is a healthy drink that the kids like so I’m all for getting more.

Also can buy from Amazon

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Parents we got you covered too!

Fuel up for your day with Java House Cold Brew Coffee, who just released their new Authentic Cold Brew pods! Each of these liquid k-cup pods features their delicious cold brew in concentrate form (instead of the traditional grounds you find inside a K-cup).

That means you can open, pour over ice, add water and enjoy. Or, pop the liquid K-cup into your Keurig machine to enjoy a less bitter, less acidic and much smoother cup of hot coffee. No preservatives, additives, or coffee derivatives. Just great tasting cold brew available whenever and wherever you are.

An iced coffee is exactly what we all need after a busy day with the kids.  Iced coffee is such a treat and so easy to make.  I made a hot Java House Cold Brew- which worked but highly recommend pouring over ice and adding in a little flavored-creamer, almond milk, or even milk. Doing a cold brew with regular coffee takes days but with Java House, it is already made for you.  It has a very smooth flavor.

You need to try out this recipe: Cold Brew Mint Frappe

They’re available in four varieties including Colombian, Ethiopian, Sumatran and Decaf, and sold at Walmart stores across the country (6 counts, $8.99)

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Wandering Bear Coffee’s ready-to-drink cold brew saves mom time and gives her a boost of clean energy to get through the day. This organic, fair-trade and sugar-free cold brew is the kind of pick-me-up moms need and deserve!

Who knew black coffee could taste this good? Made with only organic coffee and cold water, this undeniably strong, surprisingly smooth brew may just become a favorite part of your day. Every day, wherever you wander.

Coffee on the GO is just what moms need some days, and having a Straight Black Cold Brew in my bag, helps with afternoon yawning.

Want to know more about this amazing coffee-

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.