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Get Fresh and Clean with Ivory

All you have to say is the word Ivory and people will instantly remember Ivory soap. I remember Ivory being a staple in my home as a little girl. The bar soap would be wrapped in a creamy white wrapping with the word Ivory written in blue. Well if you do not remember, no worries because Ivory has a new look with their Ivory Bar Soap. They also have a new gentle formula body wash that will help you stay fresh and clean.

A Trusted Brand

Ivory has been a proven and trusted brand for over 130 years. Starting with the purest bar of soap 138 years ago, Ivory continues to uphold the standard of using only pure & purposeful ingredients in its products. They created the first soap that was 99.44% pure and continues to make safe and gentle products for the whole family. They aim to simplify life so you can spend more time on the things that matter most. With Ivory’s trusted value, it’s easy to make better choices for your family, every day.

Ivory Bar Soap

Ivory bar soap is free of dyes and heavy perfumes. Although, it is the same bar soap, it has a new look. I love that the scent is mild. The bar fits perfectly in my hand. It makes my skin very soft. I love the packaging. It clearly states all of the great benefits that you can receive from using their products.

Get Fresh and Clean with Ivory

Ivory Clean Body Wash

The Ivory Clean body wash is a new gentle formula. It is gentle clean and has been trusted for generations. The body wash is free of dyes and heavy perfumes. I noticed the scent was light. It attests to their products not being heavy scented. You only need a little bit of the Ivory Clean Body Wash to help you get clean. I am a fan of the Ivory Clean Body Wash. The packaging is easy to use, just pour some body wash into your pouf, hand, or washcloth. You do not have to squeeze the bottle, because the product comes out easily.

Get Fresh and Clean with Ivory

Ivory provides a pure, gentle clean for the entire family. No need to buy different bathing products for different members of your family, when all you need is Ivory products.

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