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FlexiKold is Perfect for Chronic Pain

    I was recently asked if I wanted to try out FlexiKold by PolyGel cold gel packs. I was stoked to say the least. I suffer from Fibromylagia and Chronic Pain. Part of that pain is a horrible burning sensation, and only cold packs offer some relief. As soon as UPS dropped it off, I opened it and put it in the fridge to get cold.

Standard size FlexiKold

Standard size FlexiKold

    I happened to be in a flare when I got it, so that night I took it to bed to use under my shoulders. The relief was almost immediate. I was shocked! I normally use a heating pad or a bag of ice, which is a mess when it melts. This FlexiKold pack was perfect. No leaking. No moisture. Just cooling relief. It even stays cold for much longer than I thought it was. 


Image credit: FlexiKold by PolyGel

Image credit: FlexiKold by PolyGel

  The FlexiKold is covered in durable nylon, so that makes it easy to clean as well. It’s heavy. A lot nicer than most gel packs I have seen. It’s also super flexible to better meet an individuals needs. I was impressed with it. I have used it every day, a few times a day since it got here a few days ago. 

    I also suffer from migraines. Cold is one of the best therapies to help ease the pain. While I’m not excited for my next migraine, I am hopeful that the FlexiKold will help greatly in easing the pain. I can lay it on my pillow and lay my head on it, or even drape it over my face and head. It really is very flexible. 

    I didn’t see any prices listed on the PolyGel website. The FlexiKold packs come in four different sizes and range in price. I got the standard size, (Which is perfect! Not too big, nor too small.) that retails for $19.99 on Amazon.

    Those that suffer from Fibro, Migraines, or any sort of chronic pain, I totally recommend FlexiKold. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. See for yourself! 



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