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Fix Your Yellow, Gross Headlights!

Fix Your Yellow, Gross Headlights!

My poor car is getting old and so are my headlights.  As the lamps age, they get an oxidized coating on them, which makes them dim.  I have certainly noticed that lately.  Meguiar’s Basic Headlight Restoration Kit works wonders to restore them!  I can see better when driving at night now, which is important for safety reasons.

The basic kit that I received works hard on oxidation, yellowing, and haze.  It renews headlight clarity and thankfully, no drill needed for sanding and polishing!  It gives a crystal clear finish to enhance visibility at night.  This kit comes with absolutely everything you need to restore your lights, you even get a polishing cloth and square pieces of sandpaper.

Fix Your Yellow, Gross Headlights!

So Easy to Use!

I know nothing about cars or how to fix anything on them!  However, Meguiar’s has made this kit so easy to use that anyone can do it (including me!).  The small square pieces of sandpaper are even numbered so that you know which ones to use and when.  After sanding (they are numbered 1 through 4), you will use the soft polishing cloth and liquid to polish them clear and clean.  It took me all of, maybe 10 minutes to finish both front lights!  When I say it’s easy, I really mean it!

Meguiar’s Offers More

Not only does Meguiar’s sell the kit that I received, but they also have a myriad of products for cars and boats.  For example, they have bug and tar remover, tire shine products, tire rim polish, tons of items to detail your car, and so much more!  They even have an area for professional and marine products.  If you have a vehicle of any kind, Meguiar’s has something for you.

As a woman, I feel intimidated by anything that has to do with cars.  I’m certainly not saying all women can’t fix cars because my sister is one of them that can.  However, I wanted to do this by myself.

Do you know a mechanic or anyone that deeply loves their vehicle?  Any of Meguiar’s products would make a great gift choice!

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Fix Your Yellow, Gross Headlights!

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