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The First 4 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

On our quest toward becoming the most complete version of ourselves, the eventual goal is spiritual enlightenment, what’s known as a spiritual awakening. Maslow referred to this as self-actualization, while Carl Jung referred to it as individuation. The ongoing practice of guided and mindfulness meditation are key toward one’s spiritual enlightenment. But how do you know that you’ve achieved this momentous milestone? Many people have documented a variety of spiritual awakening symptoms that suggest that an awakening has occurred. Here are the first 4 signs that you have experienced a spiritual awakening.


  1. You begin to question your life’s choices. As part of a spiritual awakening, your soul will likely call out for changes. As such, you’ll begin to feel confused, perhaps even scared. This confusion leads to questioning how you “fit” into your current life. This could be with your career, partner, or other component. Spiritual awakening doesn’t mean you should make drastic changes in your life. But you should begin to listen to what your soul is saying, and make choices on what truly “fits” in your life (in other words, what will lift and fill your heart).
  2. You have a newfound courage. Some people call this a midlife crisis, and while there are some similarities, the difference lies in the root of the courage. With spiritual enlightenment, you have more confidence in yourself and feel you can accomplish anything, and so you try to. The goal is to harness this courage so that it doesn’t control you.
  3. Your dreams are intense. If you’ve experienced prophetic or insightful dreams, these may be spiritual awakening symptoms. Dreams are a way for us to tap into our collective unconscious. Those who are enlightened have a closer connection to this realm. Honor these dreams and learn from the lessons they provide.
  4. Your neck, lower back, or skull base hurt. It may seem odd that pain is associated with a spiritual awakening, however, this chronic body pain represents the awakening of your body’s cells to a new vibration level. Our minds and spirit can handle an awakening better than our bodies, because they are far more fluid than the vehicle in which our spirit travels. Our bodies need time to adjust and adapt to such a profound experience as a spiritual awakening.


To become enlightening is to become truly whole; however, not knowing what to do with your newfound insightfulness can become frustrating. The first step toward harnessing your awakened self is to know, for certain, that you have been enlightening. Soul Transcendence helps people become spiritually aware as they move toward their own awakening. Learn more by visiting them at

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.