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Finding Gifts For the Stylish Guy



It seems to me as the years go on, it gets more difficult to buy for the guys. It’s not as if they are even good at getting stuff for themselves. They seem to know what they want in terms of tech and gadgets. So, I thought it’d be great to make a list of things that would be cool for a guy to own. At the same time they could be considered to be a little bit special, and even just a little bit stylish. I’ve also tried to focus on things that have that quality factor. Things that might just last for a while.


Start inside and work out!


I might have a secret agenda here of smartening certain people up, so I’m going to start with the basics. Underwear and socks might have seen better days, so why not use the opportunity to smarten things up in this department? Think about luxurious materials. He will just enjoy that feeling of a little more quality, so look for pure cottons and soft wools like cashmere.


Think about the kind of clothes that he enjoys wearing. This is a great chance to add a bit of style, and also to get one or two items into the trash to be honest! The two items that I regularly pick up on are the ubiquitous hoodie and sweatpants. Did you know that you can get hoodies in merino & cashmere? They look quite cool. Even the classic grey sweat pants are now part of a designer must have. As I said it's a great opportunity to upgrade.


Shirts and Ties.


Shirts still do it, and there are some gorgeous 100% cotton options out there. Get to a quality shirtmakers and feel the difference. Casual or formal, you could go for a soft stripe to cover both eventualities. A double folding cuff is a great addition and perfect to take a set of cufflinks. You could match these with a tie pin for a classic effect. The best ties are silk without a doubt and in can be great fun to match up with the stripe in the shirt.

Finding Gifts For the Stylish Guy

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Some great accessories that never seem to date, include a scarf. Again look for a sumptuous and soft material. Understated colours go with anything, and a monogram is a lovely personalized touch. It’s quite straightforward to get one added.


Upgrading the tech to classy.


It sometimes seems to me that Apple has taken over the smart tech world, at least as far as the guys are concerned. I wouldn’t want to get involved in daring to guess what new phone or tablet he’d like. However it's easy to choose from some stylish iphone 6 cases for the one object that doesn't seem to leave his side. The prices are very reasonable. I have also seen some very classy retro laptop and tablet cases. These are leather and just look like timeless classics.




Footwear can be quite personal. It's difficult to guess how someone’s feet are going to feel. However as long as you have a fitting size, it could be okay to take a chance on some seriously cool trainers. You’ll probably know what label suits him best, but it’s a great chance to get a classy pair. Maybe given the season, you might want to go for something a little more indoors and relaxing. Classic sheepskin still works, and there are some quite tasteful indoor slipper designs that look like he’ll be walking in clouds.




These are pretty much seasonless these days and why not? Sunglasses are always going to be on the cool list. Chooses between designer modern or complete retro. Aviator shades still look cool. There are some great tortoiseshell effect frames out there. And don’t forget the more gadgets that are involved, the better it will be. Make sure they come with a suitable hard case. It would seem a pity to sit on them!




Fragrance is always popular. Unless you know to the contrary, I think the best bet is to be guided by what you like. If there’s a brand that already works for you, then why not see what you can get from another part of the range? Failing that have some fun trying a few out. The classics are popular for a reason. Another way of doing it might be to get a range of different scents. You’ll be able to tell soon enough what hits the spot! If you are buying for a younger man, well bear in mind how enthusiastic they are with body lotions and sprays. Subtle is probably better.


Shaving and Grooming.


There are some great classic shaving kits with all the trimmings that make for a nice quality retro shaving experience. If you have a man with a beard, well that would be the trimming kit then!

On top of these, on the gadget side of things, there are no shortage of novelty items that you can buy to make sitting at a desk more interesting. From novelty clock to radio sets and robot dinosaurs. But for a classic touch and just a nice thing to have slipped into a pocket, why not go for a hip flask? You could always throw in a range of single malt whiskey tasters to try.


The Sportsman


This can be a great opportunity to get him something classy. You’ll be guided by the sport and whatever his passion is. Golfers have their choice of a thousand different novelties, but why not buy some lovely gloves? A stylish hat is always a lot of fun. Football fans love memorabilia, and a real leather football is always great to have a throw around. Baseball has its staples, but a good bat, ball or Mitt is always a favorite.


A more unusual approach might be to think about getting vouchers for the same, or a related experience. The driving nut in your family might love that day behind the wheel of a racing car. Speaking of which, there are models out there for just about anything that moves. You could do a lot worse that to get him something to grace the walls of the office or study. Hunting and fishing bth provide a whole range of classic options. On the whole, just think classic and classy and you will be sure to hit on something that will please.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.