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Fayfaire For All The Different Types of Dads This Year

Fayfaire Brand


Fayfaire was created when Emily & Jeff had their daughter Faye. Because they wanted to create unique, boutique-quality baby clothing that makes a statement without sacrificing their style. While being designed for people who want their babies clothes to be hip, edgy and clever. And they put all of their profits into Faye's college fund! While also paying it forward – they donate a baby onesie to families that have a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit through their partnership with Miracle Babies Charity. How totally amazing is that?

This father's day you can give Dad a Father/tot gift that can celebrate some of his favorite things. While celebrating the father and baby bond with hip and edgy graphics. And some oh so clever catchphrases. Check out the shirts and onesies that match the type of dad you are buying for. 

The Cool Dad  – he wants their babies to look as cool as they are. We suggest these two toddler t-shirts.

“I Only Date Models” Toddler T-Shirt


“Party at My Crib” Toddler T-shirt


Foodie DadHangry Hippos Bodysuit – you know the dad that is always hungry? Pair with a gift card from his favorite restaurant. Or with his favorite dinner. I think this is super cute and a clever statement about babies being hangry all the time. And if you don't get it ( hangry = hungry + angry, two feelings that blend into the perfect storm. Dad and his little one are the two that are always hangry.

Wine LoverI'll Have Your Finest House White – Pair with a bottle of his favorite white wine. Hilarious, unique and memorable. Perfect for the dad that loves his wine as much as he loves his baby.

Beer DrinkerI Drink Until I Pass Out – pair with a 6-pack of his favorite beer. Playing on the old saying that the baby is “milk drunk.” Father and baby can both have a drink together. All the time looking stylish and classy.

Fayfaire has something for every type of dad around. Head on over and pick out the perfect Father's day gift! And all of their products are made from premium, boutique quality cotton. While using the industry leading printing techniques so their designs stay vibrant and withstand many washes.

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