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Fast And Delicious Dinner Ideas For Your Family

Description: Being a mom of three kids and one husband can be tricky: cooking takes too much time while they remain picky eaters.

These dinner ideas will help to fix it.

Fast and delicious dinner ideas for your family

It is easy to come up with something when you live alone. 

You choose the products you like, cook dishes you like, and eat when and where you like or don’t eat at all.

If you live in a big family, you need to take care not only of yourself but other members: take into account their preferences in food, possible allergies, and meal schedule.

It becomes really hard, and it’s no surprise that you may run out of ideas.

Luckily for you, we have created this simple and detailed guide with top dinner options that will make your family satisfied.

Fast And Delicious Dinner Ideas For Your Family

All you have to do is to make a cup of tasty coffee using the best coffee beans for cold brew and keep reading.

We hope that everyone can find at least something matching their taste here.

Top dinner ideas to keep your family satisfied

Kids are picky eaters, although adults can be even worse.

Somebody is allergic, somebody just doesn’t like cabbage, and it makes preparing dinners really challenging.

Coming up with one dish that will be loved by everybody is almost impossible; that is why many people prefer organizing self-serve meals like tacos, burgers, and salads as they include lots of options for mixing ingredients so that everyone is full.

However, there are still the so-called universal solutions that work fine for all family members (at least, according to different people). You can try it yourself!

Tasty chicken with spaghetti squash

The best thing about this dish (in addition to its great taste) is the time of preparing.

You will need just half an hour to have everything done.

This dish is aimed at four people, and you will need: one spaghetti squash, two chicken breasts, olive oil and some lemon juice (two tablespoons), garlic (three cloves will be enough), half a cup of cheese (better PArmesan), and ¼ cup of butter (unsalted).

Then you should:

Fast And Delicious Dinner Ideas For Your Family
  • Cook the squash until it becomes tender.
  • Dress chicken with spice, red pepper, and also salt. Then make a large pan hot and cook for five minutes on each side. Then add some lemon juice to your taste.
  • Cut the chicken and put it back. Then add to the pan already warm butter, cheese and garlic, and stir it (a few minutes are enough).
  • Divide squash spaghetti off into four plates, top with meat and sauce.

American beef goulash

Even though traditional goulash comes from Hungary, it is still loved in the USA, and slow-cooked stew is one of the favorite American versions.

You will require such products as one tablespoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of paprika and Italian spice, half less black pepper and salt, one medium onion, two cloves garlic, some ground beef, one cup of water, macaroni and Cheddar cheese, 15 ounces of canned and diced tomatoes.

Your oven should be heated to 400F.

Then do the following:

  • In a large pan, put onions for three minutes, add paprika and other spice, then add ground beef and cook for around seven minutes. 
  • After that come garlic, both kinds of tomatoes, and some water. You should stir the mixture all the time until it simmers. 
  • Add pasta to the mixture and put the pan in the oven for around twenty minutes until your macaroni is tender, cheese melts, and the sauce thickens. Bon appétit!

Taco pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza?

This dish is one of the easiest, fastest, and most popular recipes for the whole family.

It will take you around twenty minutes, and you will need: one frozen Cheese pizza (yes, that’s right), one cup of ground beef (it’s around five ounces), two tablespoons of sour cream, one sliced avocado, and black olives.

  • Make sure the oven is heated up to 450F.
  • Take the frozen pizza and add all the ingredients (but not avocado and not sour cream). Bake pizza for ten-fifteen minutes.
  • Top the pizza with left ingredients and serve.

Chicken nuggets

In comparison to products sold in the supermarkets, these are more nutritious as they contain more meat and other ingredients.

Kids love this dish, and even picky eaters can`t resist the temptation.

To cook home-made nuggets, you should have some Parmesan and black pepper, garic, chicken, oatmeal, and breadcrumbs.

Fast And Delicious Dinner Ideas For Your Family

Heat the oven up to 375F in advance.

  • Combine half portion of cheese, breadcrumbs, and spice in one small bowl.
  • In another bowl, put chicken, oatmeal, pepper, half cheese, and garlic powder. Mix it all up.
  • Take one tablespoon of this mixture and make it look like a ball. Put this ball into a small bowl with a breadcrumb and toss it gently on both sides.
  • Place the meat balls onto the baking sheet. It should be baking for half an hour (don`t forget to flip them every now and then).
  • Serve the dish with ketchup or your favorite sauce.

One of these great recipes if not all of them will save your time and make your family happy.

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