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Everyone needs a pair of Aurora Sky Tweezers #eyebrowtweezer

We all have those tweezers that can't grab a hair but they are the only ones we can find when we need tweezers!  Throw those suckers out…buy a couple pairs of Aurora Sky Tweezers, you won't regret either.  Amazon has them for $15 and it also looks like they have a code for 30 % off second pair,  use promo code auroraS1 -get a second tweezer for your purse, gym bag or first aid kit.

My husband always gets ingrown hair on his face or head and of course he wants to me to get them out.  After 15 years, I learned to accept the fact that is my job…hehe.  We have purchased so many tweezers over the years and let me tell you Aurora Sky Tweezers, have the been the FIRST pair I've loved because they actually work.  I was able to clean up my eyebrows without crying, okay my lip too.  It works so smooth I thought at first it wasn't pulling the hair out but oh yes it did with no pain.  Now, they look like they would be a dollar store tweezer- so simple but look closely they are far from it. 

What I like about the Aurora Sky tweezers:

  • compact + lightweight
  • stainless steel
  • slanted tip ,sharp, precise
  • easy to clean , hygienic
  • no pinch skin
  • non slip grip

Aurora Sky tweezers

Sharp, precision slanted tips. Perfectly aligned grabs even the finest facial and body hair and pulls it out every time. Does not break hair, or pinch skin. Removes ear, nose and facial hair with ease.

Highest quality stainless steel. Hygienic easy to clean. Removes splinters , glass, any object embedded in skin. Can be used to handle gauze or sterile dressings. A must for your first aid kit.

Non slip grip makes brow shaping easy. Professional salon tweezers made available for at home use. Compact and lightweight.

The best precision instrument for body hair and ingrown hair removal, makes these tweezers great for guys too. Comes in Stainless steel 

Please check out our video too:  


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.